1. BloodyPenguin

    Low-Fi Garage Sale (Updating Often)

    I have a baby boy coming in about a month and I am trying to clear out some space and put a little $$ back into my wallet or trade for some stuff I need.     **Price includes free tracking through USPS to the CONUS.**     *For Sale*  Buy all three for $20 Shipped.   Creative HQ-140...
  2. RaymondLeggs

    Realisic Nova 45

    I picked up some old realistic portable phones, in mint condition. at a  thrift  along with a  Sony  discman I have to say they sound as good if not  better than the Koss titanium driverheadphones I once had.   The bass is tight and the highs are crisp. Maybe a bit on the bright side but not...
  3. rchrhds

    I Need Help!!! Coby CV215 v Panasonic RPDJS400A v Sony MDRZX100 v Sony MDRZX300

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to buy my first pair of non in ear headphones, and as I do not know much about the audio quality of any of them am coming here for your help with this. I have found four pairs on Amazon that I like, all listed below. Basically, I have the style / look chosen. As you...
  4. korewest

    [Discussion] How to get the consumers to buy headphones.

    So I came across this review on Amazon while reading about Sony MDRZX300.           Is this the kind of review that consumers find the most helpful?   All it takes is a celebrity to glorify a plastic necklace, and to make it even worse, "As good as Beats by Dr.Dre" to prove...
  5. lilboozy

    Thoughts On The Sony MDR ZX-300?

    Hey, I'm new here and i would just like to hear some opinions on the zx300. I want to know because they are getting fairly popular with teenagers which I myself happen to be. Also if anybody has the frequency response graph I would like to see it because I can't find one on Google. Thanks in...
  6. borgman

    Is the JVC HAS4X (Xtreme Xplosives) good?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my broken 10 euro cans and through my research i came upon the JVC HAS4X which is affordable to me.   What i'm specifically trying to find out is how it stands in terms of audio quality, if compared for example with the Sennheiser hd 228 or Sony mdr zx 300 or the...
  7. ralphsv

    The tipical quest for 1st headphones recommendation

    Hello. I'm Ralph, adn this is my first time in the forums. I'm also totally new to the high quality sound world. I had always listened to music with the headphones included by default with my players, as well as simple headphones I bought in the way, Some time ago, I finally decided to try...
  8. Sony MDRZX300

    Sony MDRZX300

    ZX300 Outdoor headband headphones: Powerful sound on the go: Use with a Walkman and MP3 player