I have found my sound and to celebrate…….
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Wow amazing offer!

pink floyd/dark side of the moon

(i dunno why, i found choosing my favorite album really damn hard...)
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Zhang Hui Mei - I Want Happiness
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Originally Posted by Afrikane /img/forum/go_quote.gif
It would be cool if the eventual winner was an impecunious melomane but if the ES-1/SDS/B52 crowd want to enter that’s fine by me too.

Not sure but I think we have reach a new summit. You're the one who is cool Sir....

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In Flames - Clayman

i to found it hard to choose my favorite cd, i don't have so much one that stands out, i just have 10-20 that i would say are my favorites
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John Coltrane - Interstellar Space

I can speak from personal experience, Afrikane is THE MAN. (i know this slightly breaks the horn tooting rule, but I feel I owe it to mention it every time i can.)

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