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I just, what do you think about this:
RARE NEW HUGO BOSS HEADPHONES FOR iPOD / MP3 PLAYERS on eBay (end time 18-Jan-10 20:58:29 GMT)
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lol- saw those at macys, its a giveaway w/cologne purchase
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I'm holding out for the Gucci headphones.
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Originally Posted by nierika /img/forum/go_quote.gif

x1000 on the sentiment expressed in the picture.

But lets face it. Headphones haven't gone mass market because people give a diddley damn about sound. Headphones have gone mainstream because they have become fashion accessories. What they look like, and the degree of brand status they confer, are far more important to the average yahoo than so minor a consideration as sound.

Hugo Boss is a prestigious brand. Hence, headphones that have the words "Hugo Boss" printed on them must be great headphones, right? I would go so far as to say that Hugo Boss headphones are 1000 times better than those ugly Grado or AKG thingies that Paris and Perez have never heard of. I mean, like, umm, y'know, like, what good are headphones that Paris and Perez have never heard of, HELLO!!!???

Somebody shoot me. Please. Now.
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You guys have no clue how good it really gets...My Mark Nason headphones and Loro Pianan amp are better than everything out there by a mile. Oh, and don't forget the Roger Dubuis cables for good measure.
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That's the most senseless "gift" i've ever seen, what does a pair of headphone have to do with parfum ?

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