HTC One M9 vs Xperia Z3 Compact
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Aug 26, 2015
I know smarpthones are no match for a Hi-Fi portable DAP. But assuming you have to choose one of this two devices for your portable audio device, which one would you get? I'd recently bought one of these (after some research, this are the top choices smartphone wise), and I'm suspecting I've totally screwed up. I would like to listen some opinions beetwen this two devices (before I drown in depression for spending some precious money in something that didn't satisfied my needs).
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FWIW, I have neither but I chose the Galaxy S4 for my custom device for the following reasons:

1. User replaceable battery. I updated my 2600 mah with a 7800 mah. Phone runs for about 5 days with normal use and music streaming.
2. It can accept up to 128 gb SD card.
3. The Adapt sound is a useful feature to calibrate the phone to your own hearing characteristics.
4. As this is no longer considered the Samsung flagship, it can be purchased new for less than $200.
5. It supports USB-OTG plug and play.

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