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HT-RT260 vs e7/e9

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by sheep duck, Sep 18, 2012.
  1. sheep duck
    So, for about a year now I've been using my e7/e9 combo with my hd650's, and I decided I wanted some speakers just for some general listening or ambient background music whilst I'm doing other things (or just don't feel like wearing headphones.) So I did a bit of research and decided I'd buy a pair of Pioneer BS41's; then realized I'd need a separate larger amp for them. I eventually stumbled upon an Onkyo HT-RT260 receiver on craigslist for 70 dollars, I thought it was a good deal.
    My main question (or two) is, is the DAC portion of this receiver better than the DAC inside the e7? If not, I guess I'll be using the line out from the e9 to just have the receiver amplify the speakers. And if so, how is the headphone amplifier in comparison to the e9's amp? Basically I'm just trying to discern which equipment I should use, and which is better at DAC'ing and amplifying.
    any input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance :)
    p.s. I hope I posted in the correct sub forum for this particular question.
  2. sheep duck
  3. sheep duck
    One more bump, I guess

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