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How to use a MOJO with my hi res DAP & MP3 player?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by MROOD, Jun 28, 2018.
  1. MROOD
    I have a MP£ player as well as a Cayin i5

    Ive been using the FiiO A5 and the FiiO Mont Blanc

    Connected to my players via 3.5mm to 3.5mm standard audio jacks

    Bought my Mojo but Ive connected from my MP3 and DAP audio player to the mojo coax cable

    Im getting no sound

    Ive connected the mojo to my PC and it works fine, the main purpose of the mojo was to use it with my audio players via 3.5mm cable

    does anyone know if this is possible, i mean is the mojo only for usb and optical?

    I just want to use it like i did with my FiiO amp

  2. MROOD
    can anyone help me with the above please?

    does the mojo connect analogue, or can it connect to a mp3 player via 3.5mm like the fiio and oppo amps?
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    Mojo only supports digital input, via either USB or S/PDIF (optical or coax). That said, using your 'mp3 player' with Mojo via a 3.5mm analog connection is definitely a NO. Cayin i5 however does support both USB-DAC function (*which you will need a Type-C to microUSB OTG cable) as well as coax-out (using Cayin own Type-C coax adapter cable), so it should work with Mojo.
  4. MROOD

    I honestly thought this would work with my normal players, the rave reviews game me the go ahead to buy it

    The main purpose to use on the move, it works with my PC but i want to connect my i5 to it

    i just bought this cable now,

    Micro USB to Type C Micro USB Data Cable 90 Degree OTG Right Angle Cable Cord


    is this ok?
  5. ClieOS Contributor
  6. MROOD
    this cable:

    (using Cayin own Type-C coax adapter cable),

    so if i had that cable I connect the coax end to the Mojo, the type c end of the cable, typically what would be connected to that, like a hifi


    ive ordered the usb c to micro usb otg cable

    in the mean time i located the original mojo cable its a micro usb to usb cable

    ive also got a usb to usb type c adaptor

    now ive connected from the mojo to usb and then added the usb type c adapter, effectivley making it from USB to USB type C, connected but i get no sound

    i know its not a OTG cable what ever otg means

    now on the cayin i5 there is a dac mode a usb mode and a mtp mode

    i tried all 3 settings still no sound from the mojo

    do you know if i need to set anything on the i5?

    im not sure if my usb to usb type c adaptor will work
    pretty stuck as i really want the i5 to connect to the mojo

  7. MROOD
    oh i managed to work it !!!

    it was my crappy cable adapter, it was loose

    it sounds beautiful honestly
  8. ClieOS Contributor
    In the long run you really want a decently built OTG cable as it is usually the first thing to wear out in the stack. You already got the one from eBay and that should be fine for awhile. If you however want to get an extra one for backup, I do recommend the new FiiO CL06.
  9. MROOD
    yes that is exactly the cable i need, premium and quality, but after checking for 20 minutes there is not one place in the uk that sells the FiiO CL06, I only managed to find Japan and the USA.

    but at least its working, i did manage to sticky tape the type c adaptor so its not loose anymore.

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