How to test headphones impedance
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Oct 14, 2009
I have a Sennheiser HD 595 and was wondering if I had the 50 ohm or 120 ohm version. Is there a way to test to see which version it is? I have lost the box and the manual and everything that came along with it
. Any ideas?
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Look here for a lab type setup.

Headphone Impedance

also do a web search for "measuring speaker impedance" for other methods.

You'll need access to a signal source and a voltmeter for the shade tree method.

Most stated impedances are for the measurement at 1000 hertz because the value changes with frequency.

Just watch you signal generator levels so you don't blow your headphone

If you do not have experience with testing electronic items be very careful.

It would be better to enjoy a great headphone with unknown impedance than
trying to figure out how you are going to get your headphone repaired.
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A normal ohm-meter will do. You don't need the exact impedance curve (which the method proposed above would serve for), it suffices to measure the DC resistance to know which version your pair is. It will measure like 45 ohm or 115 ohm.
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If you don't own one yourself, maybe the friendly staff in an electronics store will measure it for you.
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