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How to discharge electrostatic headphones.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by charliex, Sep 4, 2010.
  1. charliex
    Okay, excuse my ignorance, especially seeing that I have several pair of electrostatic headphones.  But I keep reading comments about the need to regularly
    discharge electrostatic headphones, especially the ESP-950's and Jades.  How does one correctly discharge electrostatic headphones, and why is this
  2. uhnoel
    All you need to do is touch the metal contacts on the plug.
    You might receive a slight shock though.
  3. inteificio
    lick the contacts
  4. Tachikoma
    Heh, might be fun to lick them.
    Discharging the phones' should make it attract less dust, by reducing the electric field strength inside the drivers. Not really a big deal if you keep your phones somewhere relatively dust-free (inside a drawer works for me).
  5. charliex


    lick this!

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