How to create M3U playlists for use on the X1, X3 and X5 from your computer

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by joe bloggs, Apr 2, 2015.
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  1. MDB12A
    I have a problem with my new X1 and hoped someone here might be able to help. I am cross posting this from the introduction page and another thread.
    I want to create playlists externally on my X1. I listen mostly to classical music, and I need to put together works, such as symphonies or quartets, from different movements. This can mean a lot of playlists!
    I have only realised since getting the X1 that this process is not straightforward, at least not for someone like me who is not great with computers! I use a mac so foobar2000 is not an option. After some searching, it looks like the trick is to create m3u lists and export them to my SD card and, thereby, to my X1. 
    So, I think I need a user friendly software. Jaikoz and MediaMonkey seem possibilities (I think there is an OSX version of MediaMonkey?), but I have seen hints that MediaMonkey lists don't work with the X1. The forum on points you to foobar and itunes, which is not an option as I am ripping (using XLD) to FLAC files which are not supported by itunes. A general web search produces a bewildering array of stuff about m3u files which I don't know how to interpret or use. In truth, I barely understand some of the detail on this thread!
    Can someone here help, please? I love the X1 so far and really want to resolve this so I can enjoy it more. For example, should I use Jaikoz or, as I have seen recommended on the forum, Playlist Creator?
    Thank you.
  2. bestcore
    I'm trying to decide what to buy. I want to upgrade from an ipod nano to a fiio x-something..i'm thinking of the x3ii. I just need to know whther or not i'm going to have difficulty transfering over all of my music. Most of it is saved under playlists in my ipod and most of the music is recorded from my vinyl collection under song title only, no artist, no album title. Just the name of the song in a playlist aptly named as the artist for that track. Is this going to be a problem for me getting started on the x3?
  3. Fatwall
    Managed to get playlists to work, sorta, in my root folder. Imported playlists directly from Foobar2000 as .m3u8 files to the root director and that did the trick. I'm brand new to FiiO and had a couple questions if anyone could help me out.
    1) Is it possible to get the playlists to actually show up under the playlist header in the menu? Using this system I have to go to "Browse Files" and select the playlists from the list there. I'm a little anal about this and am just curious.
    2) The system seems to take a little time to load between song in my playlists. A second or two. I selected gapless playback and this still seems to be occurring. Is this because my playlists are too large? Why would this be?
    3) A more general FiiO question, as I'm a total newbie: Is it possible to, on the main menu, prevent the scrollwheel from looping back around from left to right? It would make it much easier to navigate the menu when not looking at it if this were not the case.
    4) Does anyone else feel like there is a little lag .5/1 second after clicking a button before the screen responds? I wasn't expecting this from the reviews I saw but my device is a bit sluggish.
  4. bestcore
    Someone please help! I just bought a fiio x5ii. I want to create playlists from wav files recorded from vinyl. These wav files are saved as 'song title' in folders by artist. Please let me know the easiest way to make playlists that are easy to navigate. For me, the easy solution would be to just use 'browse files'..create folders on my pc according to the name of the playlist and drop those on the device. I keep reading about different programs like foobar and the monkey one, but it seems really complicated. Please help, in laymen terms please?!
  5. bestcore
    I would like to start playlists from scratch for my x5ii. most of my music is wav recorded from vinyl. when I recorded these songs on audacity I labeled the tracks and put them in folders on my computer. I created playlists on my ipod by artist and from there I manually created more playlists in itunes. most of those wav files are now aac in itunes so i'm thinking I will have to start over again. Because these are recorded files, there's only song title, no information about artist, album or genre.

    so what would be the best way to set up my X5ii playlists on my computer so that I can use the playlist function properly. i'm thinking it might just be easier to creat folders on my computer by artist and just use 'browse files' but then I can only listen to one artist at a'm thinking that wouldn't be ideal for, ya, what is the absolute best and easiest way to create playlists from scratch with wav songs that were recorded from vinyl that are labeled by song title only?

    sorry for my ignorance..i'm learning!
  6. FiiO
    Dear bestcore,
    If you want to find how to create the external playlists, you may read this two threads for help:

    The X5II can only display the title name of a song in now playing interface.
    And you can turn on the 'play through folders' option to play the songs through folders.
    Best regards
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  7. DarthMarth
    I just got the X5 2nd generation yesterday and am loving it so far--it feels like it was made for someone who listens to music exactly like I do! I sync music to my player with a Python syncing script I wrote myself, which is supposed to generate the playlist files automatically. For this, I just worked out how to manually create playlists for the X5ii using the latest firmware (2.1), which I will record here for posterity.
    A good deal of the guides I found on manually creating playlists contained incomplete or wrong (or possibly outdated) information. Here is what worked for me. My player has 2 SD cards in it. In slot 1 I have a card with lossless copies of most of my CDs, which are arranged in /Artist/Album/#-## Title.flac format. In slot 2 I have a good deal more lossy music in a somewhat deeper hierarchy; the address format is /MUSIC/A/Artist/Album/(#)-## Title.mp3, or whatever the extension is. To facilitate file browsing, I group artist folders together into parent folders depending on the first letter of the artist name. Here are screenshots depicting the layout of both cards when my player is plugged into a Windows 10 machine.
    Card 1 (lossless):
    Card 2 (lossy):
    Here is how I made a playlist that is able to use songs from both cards (which I thought was impossible when I bought the player!).
     #EXTM3U TF1:\Turisas\Stand Up and Fight\1-04 βένετοι! πράσινοι!.flac TF2:\MUSIC\A\Agalloch\Ashes Against the Grain\01 Limbs.mp3 TF2:\MUSIC\P\Porcupine Tree\In Absentia\09 The Creator Has A Mastertape.mp3 TF1:\Dream Theater\Images and Words\1-01 Pull Me Under.flac TF1:\Saor\Guardians\1-03 Autumn Rain.flac TF2:\MUSIC\K\Keldian\Outbound\09 F.T.L..mp3
    I prefix files on the card in slot 1 with "TF1:" and files on the card in slot 2 with "TF2:", then enter the full, absolute file path, using back slashes. TF1 and TF2 are effectively the drive letters, independent of the drive letter if you mount the player on Windows. I still can't figure out how to make playlists that don't specify the card each file is on, but this way is more powerful anyway. I'm not sure if the "#EXTM3U" on the first line is necessary either, but it's easy to auto-generate. As you can see, special (Unicode) characters in file names should work just fine.
  8. bmoregnr
    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good playlist creator for mac.  I sideload everything onto an X5ii, so I am not looking for player or syncing software, rather something that would just look at the music folders I have on a backup drive, then presumably through clicking or dragging it would create a playlist without actually moving the files from where they are saved.  I am envisioning that a m3u file would be created that I can sideload onto the X5ii.  Is there anything like that out there?  Thanks
  9. Ribsley
    Hey guys, is this thread still active? I made an account to try and work out what I'm doing wrong when attempting to put a playlist on my gen. 1 FiiO X3.
    I've read a few threads about this specific function and put all my music into foobar2000 and spent some time organising my library - which was fun - but I still can't seem to get my head around why my playlist is not appearing on the X3 when I boot it up.
    With the micro SD inserted, I plug the X3 into my PC and everything appears as it should. I've made a playlist in foobar, opened it in Notepad, added #EXTM3U to the top line (and tried without), made sure every line directed from the root of the SD card, and saved as .m3u8 which is seems to have successfully saved as. I drag the file onto my SD and, again, it appears as it should.
    However, when I unplug the X3 and turn it on, there's no trace of a playlist ever being on it. Nobody else seems to have had this problem so I hope I'm just missing a very simple step. I can provide pictures of every step if it helps.

    Any help would be so greatly appreciated, otherwise I could be looking at a new DAP which would be a bit sad because I've come to love this one.
  10. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    Seems you haven't saved the m3u playlist successfully. Maybe you can try the method in this thread to see whether it helps:

    Best regards
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  11. russell finch
    My playlists don't appear under playlists, but if you look using the file browser/folder view they are there.
  12. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    In playlist interface, only the inner playlists are available not the external one created in the computer.

    Best regards
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  13. Ribsley
    Thanks for your reply. Your link leads to concise instructions that I believe I understood and followed effectively, but unfortunately, my same problem persists. I have about five variations of the same playlist (one .m3u8 file, the rest .m3u; one in which all lines are preceded by TF2:\; another by B:\; another with nothing before Music\; one with the first line being #EXTM3U) but the problem seems not to lie in the way I'm creating the playlists as I have not successfully gotten one to appear on the micro SD at all - aside from when the X3 is plugged into my computer. I can see the playlist files then. After disconnecting the X3 from the computer and browsing, there's no trace of any playlists in the micro SD (or anywhere else, not that that would make sense.)

    I'm really at a loss as I can't seem to find anyone else who has had this problem! Any ideas?
    Again, thank you for your help!
    (I tried to attach photos from my computer but can't seem to find the option on here.)
  14. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    I will send PM to you about that.

    Best regards
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  15. Seaton Smithy
    This worked for for me. Thank you very much!
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