How to create M3U playlists for use on the X1, X3 and X5 from your computer

Discussion in 'FiiO' started by joe bloggs, Apr 2, 2015.
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  1. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Some info on M3U playlists:
    1. M3U playlists stored on the SD cards are accessed via Browse Files, not Browse by Category->Playlists.
    2. Each entry of the M3U playlist should not reference a drive letter (relative paths).

    Here are the recommended methods for creating playlists on the computer:
    Using existing playlists on an X player
    X players can read playlists with relative pathing and thus is compatible with most existing playlists that do not reference the drive letter at the beginning of each track reference. Simply navigate to the folder containing the playlist file on your X player and the playlist file should appear with a list icon. If the playlist file was written with relative pathing you should be able to open it and select and play songs in the list, after adding the "#EXTM3U" line to the beginning of the file as described in (3) below regarding creating new playlists.*

    *Not necessary with X3 2nd gen firmware version 1.11 or X5 2nd gen

    Method for creating playlists for an X player in foobar2000
    New playlists compatible with an X player may be created using foobar2000 as follows:
    1. Connect the SD card for the X player to the computer (e.g. by connecting the X player itself with the SD card inside in Storage USB mode)
    2. Load the songs desired from the SD card (not from your computer's song library) into a new playlist and save the playlist as a M3U8 file in the root directory of the SD card.

    3*. Open the M3U8 file in notepad. Check that no drive letters are mentioned at the beginning of each line, and add the line "#EXTM3U" to the beginning of the file.

    *Not necessary with X3 2nd gen firmware version 1.11 or X5 2nd gen

    Method for creating playlists for the X player in iTunes
    If using a windows PC for playlist creation, foobar2000 is recommended over iTunes. If using iTunes on the Mac, the custom playlist export program created by fellow X1 user, JeremyLaurenson, is recommended:
  2. bram46
    Something missing in your tutorial.

    because i tried n fail.

    at the end, you must open file .m3u8 in notepad 
     Check that no drive letters are mentioned at the beginning of each line, and add the line "#EXTM3U" to the beginning of the file.

  3. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    What firmware version are you using on which X player?
  4. bram46
    I forgot, I create a playlist on the current firmware 2.4 or 2.5 maybe 2.5
  5. chupacabra314
    Hi Joe, I followed your tutorial but used MusicBee instead of foobar2000. Created a relative m3u8 playlist and placed it in the root of the TF card. When I open the playlist on my X1 the player says File not found for every playlist entry even after library update. I have a X1 on the 1.3 FW and my card is 128GB formatted in FAT32. A sample of the playlist code is below. I even tried adding the #EXTM3U tag. Still not working. Please help.
     \Albums\Rock n Metal\Nightwish\Endless Forms Most Beautiful\2-07-Nightwish-Endless Forms Most Beautiful (instrumental).flac \Albums\Rock n Metal\Nightwish\Endless Forms Most Beautiful\2-08-Nightwish-Edema Ruh (instrumental).flac \Albums\Rock n Metal\Nightwish\Endless Forms Most Beautiful\2-09-Nightwish-Alpenglow (instrumental).flac \Albums\Rock n Metal\Nightwish\Endless Forms Most Beautiful\2-10-Nightwish-The Eyes of Sharbat Gula (instrumental).flac \Albums\Rock n Metal\Nightwish\Endless Forms Most Beautiful\2-11-Nightwish-The Greatest Show on Earth (instrumental).flac
  6. Joe Bloggs Contributor
    Can you try deleting the slash at the beginning of each line?
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  7. chupacabra314
    That worked. Thanks!
  8. Houmaan
    I have a x5 and my FW version is 2.5. i made a playlist with foo2000 and edited the txt file, but still have no playlist in my device. here is my .txt file :D
    Test\(02) [Moonspell] Extinct.flac
    Test\(03) [Moonspell] Medusalem.flac
    Test\(04) [Moonspell] Domina.flac
    Test\(09) [Moonspell] The Future Is Dark.flac
    Test\(12) [Moonspell] Doomina (Bonus Track).flac
    Test\03 - Moon Above, Sun Below.flac
    Test\06 - River.flac
    Test\08 - Faith In Others.flac
    it IS saved in the root directory of my SD.
    tnx for your help
  9. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    Hello Houmaan,

    Did you check Browse Files (which is where the playlist file would be found and read)?

    The "Playlists" entry in "Play by Category" is for playlists you put together on the player itself only.

    Best regards,
  10. Houmaan
    oooops :D:D
    Such an easy problem. Thanks for your fast reply.
  11. PixelSquish
    does fw 1.4 make it easier to create playlists?
  12. russell finch
    So does this method work for songs on the OTG storage as well as the SD cards?
  13. aortomus
    HI all, I just recently made the switch from the iPod to the Fiio X2 (2nd Gen). Dropped iTunes and switched to Foobar2000 and my files have never been more organized and clean. I am beyond thrilled with the results of switching. Feel like I'm listening to some of this music anew.  First time in this forum, glad I found it!
    I am struggling with the playlist thing and hope it's something simple I'm overlooking. I can create a playlist and export it into the Fiio SD Card and can see the playlist once loaded into the Fiio. I then locate the playlist in 'Browse Files' on the Fiio and click on it which brings up the first track in the playlist. All the songs show.  
    However, when I click on the first track as if to play it I get a message that says there are no files to play.
    All the songs are in the Fiio that are on the Playlist although they are organized by their original album file(s).
    Is the playlist looking for individual tracks in the Fiio and unable to find them because they are loaded under folders?
    Seems like I'm missing a step. Any help will be appreciated! 
  14. aortomus
    Figured it out, maybe this is already well known but maybe this will help someone else.
    The playlist must match the directory structure of the files in the playlist.  Example:
    This is how it was created from Foobar2000:
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing #001\01 Collision.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing #001\02 Misappropriation.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing #002\01 Grows Without Bound.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing #002\02 Primitive Equations.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing #003\01 Eulogy.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing #003\02 Dyslogy.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing#004_ Fail _ Null Results\01 Fail.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing#004_ Fail _ Null Results\02 Null Results.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing#005_ Procrastination  _ Pas\01 Procrastination.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing#005_ Procrastination  _ Pas\02 Past Majesty.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing#006_ 40 Years Under The Cos\01 40 Years Under The Cosh.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing#006_ 40 Years Under The Cos\02 Frontin'.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing#007_ Rathe _ Patchwork\01 Rathe.mp3
    E:\Music\Demdike Stare\Testpressing#007_ Rathe _ Patchwork\02 Patchwork.mp3
    However, when I moved it to the Fiio it had to match the folder structure of how it is in the Fiio. I had to remove much of the originally created playlist. I had to remove the drive name, the 'Music' folder and the 'Artist Name' for it to play since it is not stored this way in the Fiio. 
    Testpressing #001\01 Collision.mp3
    Testpressing #001\02 Misappropriation.mp3
    Testpressing #002\01 Grows Without Bound.mp3
    Testpressing #002\02 Primitive Equations.mp3
    Testpressing #003\01 Eulogy.mp3
    Testpressing #003\02 Dyslogy.mp3
    Testpressing#004_ Fail _ Null Results\01 Fail.mp3
    Testpressing#004_ Fail _ Null Results\02 Null Results.mp3
    Testpressing#005_ Procrastination  _ Pas\01 Procrastination.mp3
    Testpressing#005_ Procrastination  _ Pas\02 Past Majesty.mp3
    Testpressing#006_ 40 Years Under The Cos\01 40 Years Under The Cosh.mp3
    Testpressing#006_ 40 Years Under The Cos\02 Frontin'.mp3
    Testpressing#007_ Rathe _ Patchwork\01 Rathe.mp3
    Testpressing#007_ Rathe _ Patchwork\02 Patchwork.mp3
    Once I did this, it played like a champ.
    The more I use the Fiio the more I like it and I love the fact that it is always in development. 
  15. Weddingsingr
    I've update my X1's firmware into 1.5.
    I exported a playlist from iTunes (Mac) into an M3U8 file then edited it based on the tips posted here and retained just 5 songs in the list for easy editing as seen below.
    It is saved on the root.
    I keep on getting a "File Not Found" message.
    Crusin Albums/Cruisin' Opus III_ Sonnets/1-01 I Wish That I Was Making Love.mp3
    Crusin Albums/Cruisin' Opus III_ Sonnets/1-02 Crazy Love.mp3
    Crusin Albums/Cruisin' Opus III_ Sonnets/1-03 Greatest American Hero (Belive It Or Not).mp3
    Crusin Albums/Cruisin' Opus III_ Sonnets/1-04 Promise Me A Carousel.mp3
    Crusin Albums/Cruisin' Opus III_ Sonnets/1-05 Let's Make A Memory.mp3
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