How Much Money Did You Spend?
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YouTube - Greek Audiophile

Just to see if you are in that 1% curve...

Yeah, thats a classical one.

Saw it first time a couple of year back, and its still amazing today. Really nice speaker rigs over there...
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After looking back through my details section and adding up what I remember paying, it looks like head-fi has taken a $1200+ toll on my wallet in the past 3 years of lurking and posting >.< Hopefully I can make one final purchase that'll probably bring up near $1500 (denon d2000) and be able to run far far away from this place
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~1050. Not bad for a nub headfi-er like me.
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yeah perhaps very very close to the 800 dollar mark now
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I joined back in 2005. Back then I bought a Denon AHD700, which cost me around 150.

Then got the AD900 from Audiocubes, noticed they jacked the price up since I bought them back in late 2006. 245 Total w/Shipping and duty.

Will be buying D2000 in a few months. Back to Denon again! Seems that will cost me around 300, still looking for better prices.

Total, over 600.
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$88 so far. Just got Christmas Bonus from the Boss today. Ordering My P-51 Mustang Friday & also ATH-AD900s. Then I'll be in for about $800. Not bad for 1st month at Head-Fi.
Have A Merry Christmas

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Currently I own: HD-650 (bought used, 230€), Little Dot MK III (~200€), Zu mobius cable (bought used) ~200€, E-mu 0404 USB ~200€ (bought used), Ety ER-6i (~100€), UE 5EB (150€) + interconnects, tubes.. just barely over the 1000€ mark, easily over the 1000$ mark.
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a bit over 2000$ here, but then I'm a poor student.
dont think I'll go higher tho, starting to downgrade... found the esw-10, and always on the move. thanks audio-technica for finaly making a good sounding AND good looking phone...

funny thing this hobby tho... exept for my guitars, phones are the only thing I put money in. I am no gadget-geek in anyway. For me food, drink and good company are the only thing worth spendning money on.. But when it comes to phones...
EDIT: dont even own tv,stereo etc.. just me, my guitars and headphones = heaven :]

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