how long do you spend messing with your EQ
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No eq for PC playback.

Sometimes a little eq in my subwoofer for the car. You'd be surprised how uneven music is for subwoofers. Some stuff is so bloated with bass you have to practically turn it off, This is of course if you're going for balanced sound, where you cant really tell there is a sub at all, where everything just sounds 'full'.

yup, a subwoofer is one of the paradoxical pieces of sound equipment... the whole point of a subwoofer is not to notice that its 'there' , even tho when you think about stuff like 'oh how can speakers that are so small give out so much bass' you cant help but realize that big box on the floor is somehow responsible for it
one good use for EQ right now is when im transitioning between different pairs of headphones, from my old broken sony mdr f1 to my new-box-smell akg k701's... the sensitivities are wildly different, the new cans need breaking in and theres a huge hole in the music where the bass used to be and its waay too bright... but as usual, a little EQ fixed it right up


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I never use EQ, but sometimes I want to turn down the treble because high db + hi freq = hearing lost. As the Sure E3C users found out.

i thought it was the bass which causes hearing loss? like, its just like speakers and microphones, bass causes a wider oscillation which wears out your eardrums faster, too loud and you'll blow right through them... trebles give more sound energy which your auditory nerves are sensitive to, hence it makes you want to turn the volume down
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yup, a subwoofer is one of the paradoxical pieces of sound equipment... the whole point of a subwoofer is not to notice that its 'there'


I agree, and would extend that to all speakers.
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i love my DEQ2496... i have curves for each one of my headphones and for different types of music on said headphones... it really makes the K1000's tolerable for anything with lots and lots of treble etc... the only cans i usually bypass the EQ for are my HE60's... they just sound right most of the time...
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i love and hate the eq, its the one in the car thats annoying, cause i can tell if someones touched it or adjusted it!

it takes me soo long that i usually leave it flat! usually a little off the very bottom, a tad more toward the top end (from upper mid to top), and a litlle more on the lower mid/upper bass flat mids

tho i am fickle and change it around a bit alot
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eq's can only go so far sometimes, ive just set up my sound card to have an EQ enabled, the sound is much better with that but it also reveals alot of things wrong, either with my source material , like less-than-perfect recording or lossy encoding, or the amps on my soundcard , theyre totally outclassed by my akg k701... some frequencies somehow sound like they are in excess and in shortage at the same time, makes you want to reach for the EQ but you know it isnt going to help anymore
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I setup EQ in the DAP in my car (Creative Zen SLeek) and I mess around with that quite often. Coming to think of it I spend a lot of time EQ'ing on any portable rig. Its my main rig in my sig that I don't EQ at all.
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I got rid of equalization in the 80's after every EQ, in every system I'd seen, had the smiley face syndrome. All EQ's couldn't be that happy.
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but thats kind of the whole point of an eq, isnt it? if you didnt like having more treble and bass, you wouldnt have turned them up...
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None. No EQ = bliss

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