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How exactly does an amp effect sound?

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by businessman, Jan 30, 2015.
  1. Music Alchemist
    I have watched between 70 and 100 days worth of anime. ^_^
    You learn something new every day!
    That's relieving in a way. Now I know to simply get rid of it once I upgrade to the M-100. Or perhaps I should keep it to directly compare, to make sure I don't prefer the LP with any of my music. At the moment, I'm listening to the HDtracks master of Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory album with the Crossfade LP. OMG, it sounds EPIC. It's interesting how the LP makes some songs sound bad, but really complements others.
    DJ Fresh: Louder [Drumsound & Bassline Smith remix]

    shorter mix featured in the intro of the PlayStation Vita video game WipEout 2048
    I thought you didn't own the M-100 yet. [​IMG]
    As far as I know, all DT 770 models are 250 ohms.
    Some Best Buy stores have Magnolia stores in them, which stock higher-end headphones available for audition. That's where I heard the M-100 once.
    If you're lucky, there may be Head-Fi meets in your area. There's a big one coming up in my area in a few months.
    What I do is just buy from stores like Amazon with good return policies. If I end up disliking the headphone, I return it.
    Haha. YouTube destroys audio quality most of the time. iTunes is a little better, but I stay away from it with the exception of exclusive content such as bonus tracks and alternate masters.
    I bought thousands of CDs in the past from shops, online stores, and even directly from record labels. That accounts for most of my music. I have about 50 vinyl records (only because they were rare) and a few hundred digital albums as well.
    Here is a large list of some cool digital music stores. With the exception of DSD, high-res is a gimmick, though. The only reason some "HD" PCM downloads sound better than their CD counterparts is due to the fact that they were derived from a different master. Read this article for technical background about it.
    Ohhh, in that case then, you've got many more options, my BusinessBuddy®!
    Speaking of audio and business...I invested like $20-30K into my music collection before having the sense to get good audio gear, and by that time, my budget was pretty low again. (Though I guess I've spent at least $5K on that too, if you count related equipment, but not musical instruments.)
  2. BusinessMan
    That's certainly a lot more anime than I've watched!  
    Whoops, that was a typo.  The only V-Moda headphones I own are the LPs.  
    Those songs are pretty good.  My favourites:
    Madeon - entire discography
    Kill Paris - all his songs too (excluding remixes)
    Document One - Clap
    Kavinsky - Nightcall
    Seven Lions - Keep it Close & Polarized
    Keys N Krates - Understand Why
    Just to name a few.
    I don't believe they have Mongolia stores here in Canada.  I'm not sure if there would be any meets here either.  I should browse Amazon if they allow returns.  
    Great, I have new stores to browse!  That's a really extensive music collection!  
  3. Music Alchemist
    Some of the stuff I've seen would blow your mind. I highly recommend Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.
    Yeah, I know. lol
    Wish I had time to check 'em out, but alas, life.
    Magnolia? Nawww. Mongolia is clearly the preferred term. [​IMG]
    I think there are occasionally. I've talked to other Canadian Head-Fiers. I believe the US Amazon does offer returns even to Canadians, but ask them to make sure. Even if so, there will be other issues to deal with, like import fees, customs, taxes, etc.
    I sort of regret getting so much music. Could've gotten multiple top-of-the-line headphone systems instead.
  4. BusinessMan
    I actually started watching the original FMA about 6 months ago.  I only watched it for a day or two.  I enjoyed it, but I ended up switching to the next anime.  
    Auto correct caught that one.  I didn't even notice it  0.o
    Yea, Sennheisers are ridiculously overpriced here.  It's just that that one particular brand for some reason.  
    Headphones...or a car XD  I was thinking that you could have bought a used Porsche Cayman for that amount, or maybe the New Mustang.  
  5. Music Alchemist
    FMAB is so much better it's not even funny. It's based on the manga and is the only anime I would award a 10/10 rating.
    That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed FMA as well. It has more filler and unfortunately saves the best for last, so to speak.
    I'm curious what your top few favorite anime so far are.
    I'm returning a pair of nice Sennheisers once I wake up, only because I suspect them to be defective.
    Psh. Who needs a fancy car when you can have headphones that can transport you anywhere musically? =P
  6. BusinessMan
    Should I finish watching FMA before I watch FMAB?  
    My favourite anime:
    Ghost in the Shell (Watched movies, haven't finished the T.V. show)
    Death Note (I 've watched most of it, but I missed a few episodes)
    Elfen Lied
    Princess Mononoke
    Spirited Away
    Attack on Titan
    Wolf's Rain (Haven't finished, but I absolutely love it)
    The most recent anime I've watched is "Free!"  It's kinda lighthearted and fun.  I really like it, but it's not on par with the one I named above, imo.  
    I've seen other anime that I really enjoyed, but these are the ones that REALLY stuck with me.  
    There are quite a few that I grew up watching, but it's been so song that I don't remember them so well.  Those are:
    Gundam (Seed Destiny)
    Yu-Yu Hakusho
    Zatch Bell
    Hamtaro - fun for kids
    Inu Yasha
    Dragon Ball Z, GT, etc.
    I haven't finished watching any of these, but I've made it a good way through most of them.  Even so, most of these I watched so long ago, I hardly remember them.  I was only able to remember them because I keep a list of my favourite movies and anime.  
    Animes I want to watch:
    Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Getsu Weed
    I have a few friends who are into anime and they keep mentioning Sword Art Online.  I may give that one a go at some point.  
    What do you think is defective about your Sennheiser headphones?  
  7. Music Alchemist
    Why are there weird spaces after some of your sentences? I only noticed it when I went to quote them.
    It's not necessary. FMAB is a remake based on the manga, whereas FMA mostly had its own original story.
    I've seen these ones.
    The final episode of Wolf's Rain is a masterpiece.
    The Attack On Titan Original Soundtrack is my favorite anime soundtrack, though I didn't like the anime nearly as much as the music.
    If you liked Elfen Lied, you should watch Blood-C. Just 12 episodes. Even more brutal and gory in the later episodes. Ironically, the sequel movie Blood-C: The Last Dark received funding from the Japanese government! (But it was more mainstream, with hardly any violence compared to the series.)
    Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (aka When They Cry) is a must-watch. Has the most confusing plot ever. The second season makes everything clear. Not as gory as the aforementioned two anime, but much, much better, and more emotionally intense. And despite being less gory, it's arguably more realistically violent (instead of fantasy nonsense) and demented at times.
    Sounds very muffled, like I'm listening to music from outside a building. (In contrast to being bright, detailed, and exciting, like all the reviews say.)
  8. BusinessMan
    I really don't know. :/
    Now I really want to go and finish watching Wolf's Rain.  I'll definitely add Blood-C to my must watch list.  I think I may have heard of "When They Cry".  I'll look into that one as well.  
    I'd highly recommend that you watch Princess Mononoke, Ghost in the Shell and Death Note.  Princess Mononoke was the first movie I ever remember watching.  It's an incredibly creative story and it has so many memorable images.  Ghost in the Shell is just plain awesome!  It also have some very interesting themes.  Death Note is a very original idea.  It's a brain wrencher.  It's constant, elaborate mind games.  
    I think out of the ones I named, Princess Mononoke and Bersersk are considered to be "classics".  I find Berserk to be a little campy at times, but it's entertaining.   
    where do you watch your anime?  I watch mine on Crunchy Roll, if it's there.  I think all of their shows are subbed.  I prefer dubbed, so I can actually watch what's going on in the frame.  I used to use Anime Freak, but the quality tend to be poor there.  My friends told me about Kiss Anime, so I may check that out now.
  9. Music Alchemist
    Blood-C isn't that good of an anime objectively, but it's still a must-watch because of how crazy it is.
    I've seen some Ghost In The Shell stuff. (I only quoted the ones in which I saw the complete series.)
    I met a girl at a grocery store who was wearing a Death Note shirt. We became friends and had anime parties together a few times.
    Wait a second...you watched Berserk growing up?!
    Most serious anime watchers either buy the DVDs and Blu-rays or use torrents to download everything in high quality. Many streaming sites have horrible audio and video quality. For series I like enough to watch multiple times, I watch both dub and sub.
  10. BusinessMan
    I watched the first episode of Blood-C last night.  That floating statue thing was weird.  Is it some demon slaying anime?  
    I actually watched Berserk only last year.  It just feels like it was long ago.  Probably because of the dated animation style.  
  11. Music Alchemist
    Just watch it all at once when you can. Nothing is as it seems. I won't spoil more than that.
  12. Tattedfitguy

    Very good explanation. Simple and straight to the point definitely help me understand amps a little more
  13. Cobaltius
    Wanna know something strange in my experience?
    Unamped HD 600 for me sounds no different than amped HD 600's///
    Maybe I'm stupid or just need to try some higher end stuff....
  14. Music Alchemist
    All that matters is your own experience. Audio is very system dependent and even more dependent on your own hearing.
    The fundamental character of a headphone certainly won't be altered with an amp, except in extreme circumstances.
    I forgot from your posts in other threads: what unamped sources did you compare to?
  15. Cobaltius
    Phone's, Computer audio, and this Bose music player
    I mean I can tell differences between 320 kbps mp3 and FLAC/AAC/CD

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