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How do I keep a hobby/interest?

  1. ssavage
    everything i do i can never stick to. i always end up moving on to something else. every video game i play i end up stopping to play another one. ex i played runescape for probably about 3yrs. then 2 years on a game named pawn. i think about 4months on wow. i used to have headphones as a hobby. now it seems i moved on to airsoft. i played ukelele for a bit. one of my main hobbies that i kinda stick to is bboying. i bboy'd for about six months two years ago and now im picking it up this summer. i just wanna know how to stick to something so i can get really good at it. i'd love to stick to dancing but i never actually do it unless my sister's boyfriend comes over to do it with me. help!
  2. Suntory_Times


    Variety is the spice of life.  I don't think there is anything wrong with changing things up like you do.  I personally don't consider hi-fi do be a hobby for me as I don't care about the equipement, only the results matter to me.
  3. Connnorrr
    I have a hard time focusing all my energy into just one or two hobby/interests, when I was younger I could do that, but I've found now I just don't enjoy focusing that much. I get several things going at once to keep my interest so I can switch up and do something whenever I feel I need a change. I currently have about 4 games I switch around to, I enjoy searching for new music, hanging out on forums, and watching movies.
  4. jr41
    My favorite hobby is starting new hobbies (I even put that in my profile!). I know what you mean; in my time I've got into mechanical watches, fountain pens, road cycling, cigars, whisky... Something new will catch my attention, I'll become transfixed by it, spend loads of money on it, reach a certain level or knowledge/ownership and then my interest will start to wain and I'll move onto something else. The only two consistent characteristics of any hobby I've got into are that it's sufficiently complex (i.e. has enough depth/breadth) and that it's material/costs a lot of money.
    Head-fi is probably one of the longest running interests I've had so far and I'm hoping I can stick with it. Though that's probably because it's such a wide and deep subject - for example I've moved heavily into DIY after getting my first off-the-shelf setup. Having said that, I've become transfixed by Harbeth speakers recently and I've been considering getting into Vinyl too, so it would appear my brain is moving onto full blown hi-fi. Fortuitously or not, there's no way my wallet can entertain that idea!
  5. Spareribs
    There is a saying that too many choices can paralyze you. We live in a modern world where there are so many distractions.

    If you look at Mozart and Bach for example, they lived in a bare minimal world of very simple times and limited choices, yet the amount of work they produced is staggering!

    So if you want to stay focused on a particular hobby like maybe mastering knowledge on a particular field, you will have to make sacrifices and pretend that it’s a simpler world with less distractions.
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  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    1. Something you're really interested in. This can be hard to flesh out since you can't just know from the outset, but try to avoid getting into fads. I keep upgrading my computer every few years but I barely play the most popular AAA games. You know what gets a lot of my time on Steam? Total War. Can't afford not having everything since Empire installed, and if mechanics on the older ones weren't on improved later versions like Rome II and Shogun II, I'd still be playing older versions like Medieval II. You know what else gets playtime? PS ports like Disgaea, Street Fighter/Marvel games, MK/Tekken, etc. Why do I have a PC instead of a console? Because backwards compatibility can suck more than PC port selection and no console runs Total War. Plus aiming a gun outside of piloting a mech that is either slow (like Mechwarrior) or needs to fight melee (Gundam and Armored Core), it's easier to aim a gun with a mouse. Or in my case what I really like is music: electric guitars and pedals in high school wasn't sustainable buy intensive college coursework, and I had to drive around, so I got into car audio; then home audio later; then giving up on room acoustics, I'm on headphones for home audio and IEMs for mobile use on the train instead of driving my car with a Focal system.

    2. Something that has no practicality impediments. I might like Warhammer, but if I have to drive across town to play with somebody on top of blowing money on the figurines since my closest friends who live nearby don't play it, then screw it. But I'm still into Warhammer novels and some of the video games, enough that on SocMed any socio-political discussion has me and a few like-minded people (including others who also don't do the tabletop games anymore), we'd be referencing the Imperium or Chaos.

    3. Something that you can work around the practical impediments of while having practical everyday use. I cook, and while at the time I went deeper into the equipment, I only had to import a good cast iron skillet. Market's blown up and I have carbon steel now. Knives are expensive but I'm not doing it professionally so I don't need the same level of kit as a chef, although I still use specialized knives (some anyway) instead of a mutli-purpose chef knife, and I imported these along with the stones instead of paying somebody to sharpen them every few weeks (once I have a garage I'm getting a mechanical sharpening machine with a millstone then only keep polishing stones and strops). What's the practical use? I need to eat, my friends and I eat and drink together too.

    4. Chemical help. Do you like beer? Whisky? Try as many as possible, keep stock of favorites while also trying out others. You like coffee? Stop drinking instant or drip and grind your own beans and use other brewing methods that might be more practical than an automatic drip (sure that can automatically brew synced to your alarm in the morning but you need to wash the damn thing and it has to be dry before you set it up at night). You want chemicals to help focus directly rather than be the hobby? Ask your doctor about adderall or ritalin.
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  7. PaganDL


    As always, well said...

    Keep a great day !

    Hope you have a great day !
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