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Hiss comming through Grado SR80i's.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by simonuk, May 3, 2013.
  1. SimonUK
    Hi all,
    Bought my Grados earlier in the week and they are fantastic, sound amazing, and been doing a lot of mixing on them the past few days.
    I've just plugged them in to listen to some CD's. My CD player is a Cambridge Audio CD32, going into a Rotel RA820 and then the grado's come out of the Rotel, and I'm getting a hiss in the upper mid-range Hz spectrum. Not a lot but its VERY easy to hear, its coming through off all the CD's that I've tried. Its less noticeable on some styles of music, but light rock/jazz/classical its SO easy to hear. I'm not really getting it from my iPhone or direct out from my Laptop(MacbookPro).
    Is this a headphone issue or a CD/Amp/Cable issue?
  2. wolfetan44
    Try it with a different source, like your computer. That will help isolate the problem.
  3. SimonUK
    Its only comming through with the CD Player through the Amp. How can i isolate weather its the Amps CD preamp, or the CD player itself.
  4. wolfetan44
    I'm not sure, I'm sure someone else can help you. But is the Rotel in its own chassis or no?
  5. GREQ
    Sounds like you've got a noisy electrical supply or device.
    When there is no music playing turn up the volume - if the hissing gets louder too, either the CD player, amp or your home electricity outlet is noisy.
    Usually homes in large towns or cities have very noisy electricity supplies which affect most hifi equipment, even on a small level. 
    You may need a 'power cleaner' (just a fancy power supply) that kills the background humming noise in electricity.
    I can't really see the CD or amp being the culprit - usually it's TV's and computers that make electricity noisy. 
  6. ButtUglyJeff
    Grados are 32 ohm headphones.  I'm curious what is the suggested ohm range of your amp.  If you amp puts out lots of power, a little hiss would be expected.  Does your cd player have a headphone out?

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