High Sierra 10.13.2 + Audirvana 3.1.8.

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by huggs2, Dec 7, 2017.
  1. huggs2
    This combo sure sounds good.Apple has made a big improvement in this latest update and with the latest Audirvana update they sure make sweet music together.Finding it very hard to put my headphones down.
  2. elcato
    Great to hear!
    In the Audio System/Low Level Playback Options, which ones remain available (exclusive vs direct vs large buffer vs integer)?
    And which combination of low level playback options do you find sounds best?
    Curious as I am still running Sierra 10.12.6 on one Mac, and 10.11 on headless Mac Mini...

    elcato's office setup:
    music: High Res Jazz and DSD Folk
    player: Audirvana 3.2.3
    source: iMac 27 retina 5k (i5 24gb), OS 10.12.6
    usb cable: Cardas Clear
    dac/headphone amp: WooAudio WA7
    headphone cable: Moon Audio SilverDragon
    Headphones: Audeze LCD-2
  3. huggs2
    Your missing out on great sound if you don't upgrade to High Sierra latest update 10.13.2. Exclusive, Large buffer, and interger mode are my settings with Audirvana 3.2.3.It has a new filter called SoX. Under forced up sampling i find the setting "Oversampling 2x only" best to my ears.It works well with my i7 processor.
  4. occamsrazor
    You get Exclusive and Integer on High Sierra without doing the kext hack?
  5. huggs2
    That's above my head,could you explain.
  6. occamsrazor
    Sorry I was confusing Exclusive mode with Direct mode that has been unsupported in OSX since Sierra... more info here:

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  7. CongoFather
    Kext hack is used for Direct Access for DACs. It still works on latest Sierra using new Onyx for MacOs 10.13.2

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