1. L

    Good Audirvana substitutes?

    It's sad to see their new Studio software which is trying to rip people off with expensive yearly subscription fee that is equal to the lifetime price of the predecessor. I'm still using the old Audirvana Plus but won't count on their software support for much longer. Any good paid and free...
  2. theaudiologist1

    Audirvana painfully slow.

    Hey guys. I just updated my 2011 Macbook Pro to (unofficial) Catalina as well as convert my drive from HFS+ to APFS. So far everything has been working fine and fluently, except Audirvana. Audirvana is a huge laggy mess, even on High Sierra it was but now it's worse. It lags on the album view...
  3. theaudiologist1

    Is DSD in general more quiet than PCM?

    Is DSD in general more quiet than PCM? I have a DAC that outputs 28mW into 300Ohms and my headphones are 470 Ohms at 98dB sensitivity, but surprisingly, it gets very loud even with classical on the PCM side. It still does loud enough on DSD on non-classical music, but with classical, it gets a...
  4. theaudiologist1

    Audirvana settings and a question regarding DSD

    Hi. I configured my A+ SoX settings using people's settings from across the internet. But there's one thing none of them mentioned: The delta-sigma DSD filter type (the one with letters and order (eg. A (5th order))). 1) What is the best delta-sigma filter setting? Does it do anything drastic...
  5. Twangsta

    Audirvana 2.6.8

    Regarding Audirvana's last version for series 2.x The library manager seems to be deliberately been broken, none of the first tracks get listed in the albums, what's worse is all the remain tracks using the next tracks metadata! Has anybody noticed the same problem? Is this a ploy to force an...
  6. Soundizer

    Audirvana plus Settings on Mac - September 2018

    To interested enthusiasts in Audirvana on Mac. Please feel free to share your Audirvana Settings on Mac. The simple purpose is to realise what settings are commonly used based on usage and experience with the software. Help provide some general start up settings for new users, like me...
  7. deco cat

    iTunes power-up: Audirvana+ vs BitPerfect

    I would like to continue using iTunes. And I'm undecided between using A + in iTunes-integrated mode (but how bad is the skin? Is it possible change it?) Or BitPerfect .. what do you recommend? My setup is Macbook Pro, Dragonfly Red and He-400i. I'm testing A + and I noticed that the sound is...
  8. theaudiologist

    Questions regarding audio on linux

    hi, i have just installed linux (Nitrux OS, based on Ubuntu with KDE Plasma) on my mac 2 weeks ago. the first few weeks i was getting the basics fixed. now i want to set up the audio side of linux. i have some questions: 1)what's the best linux music player sound-quality wise (please DO NOT...
  9. Anaz

    How to stop Audirvana Plus 3.2.8 boosting audio gain on DSD tracks?

    The only album I have in DSD format is Michael Jackson's Thriller. The DSD 64 version of Thriller doesn't required any gain boost (see this and note the peak 0.0 dB on Billie Jean), however, it seems that by default Audirvana is increasing gain, resulting in clipping. Using an RME ADI-2 DAC...
  10. huggs2

    High Sierra 10.13.2 + Audirvana 3.1.8.

    This combo sure sounds good.Apple has made a big improvement in this latest update and with the latest Audirvana update they sure make sweet music together.Finding it very hard to put my headphones down.