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Hifiman re 400 vs Yamaha eph-100 vs Monster Turbine Pearl

  1. Almazbek
    Hello. I broke my old pair ibeats and so looking for new in ear headphones for around 100$. Listening to the rock, nu-metal, melodic dubstep & classic. Listening with iphone. Which one is better of these: Hifiman re 400 vs Yamaha eph-100 vs Monster Turbine Pearl? Asking for advice because can't listen to them, in our country they are not sold.
  2. Almazbek
  3. Almazbek
  4. Lifted Andreas
    Yamaha EPH-100 are really good with Trance, I've had a pair myself for about 8 months. Sadly sold them a few months ago to help pay for things.

    Now though I think I'll be going for the HifIman RE-400, lots of people rave about them.
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  5. Berkovajazz
    My vote for Monsters. Also take a look on Gratitude, they are amazingly good!:)
    RE400 are good on a powerful source, you can't get their full potential from mainstream device. 
    + Vsonic GR07 BE will be great choice for iPhone.
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  6. Almazbek
    Thanks everyone. Forgot about the thread. I bought monsters pro gold but i found the bass is overhelming, bass quantity is too much for me, but i can fell drive on some tracks.

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