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Hifiman RE-400 can give great bass when properly EQd

  1. glorkaglickflic
    I used to have the Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro Earphones years ago.  They were fine, though a bit clunky, and I had to replace the clear cable (the cable was clear but became progressively greener as it aged).  They finally died after  7 years of constant gym use.  I initially decided to get the Etymotic ER 4S because they're classics.  But I decided to get the Hifiman RE-400 because of the good reviews it got on this website, especially in the 300+ IEM review section (due to the price/performance factor), and I was looking for a neutral IEM.  But one thing that I was hoping I would not miss was the bass, because my UEs had fantastic bass and I really liked that when working out.  I have an iPod touch, but found it clunky when working out, so got a SanDisk that's ultralight and just clips on.  I decided to Rockbox it (I didn't want to Rockbox my IPod).  I definitely trust Hifiman, because they have the best cans in the business.  They're a heck of a lot smaller than my UEs and fit perfectly.  When EQd by Rockbox, you couldn't convince me that the RE-400s weren't recommended for bassheads.  Plenty of bass here.  I think IEMs have really been getting progressively better in the last few years since I got my UEs.
  2. MrRodriguez
    Through my iPod and iPad, the bass on the RE-400 leaves a lot to be desired, in terms of quantity and impact. The bass is there, and it is great... It's just quiet. I don't fiddle with the EQ.

    I listened to my RE-400s today plugged into the headphone jack of my MacBook Pro, and they are way more "alive" and fun. The bass is much stronger than on the iPod or iPad. Even at a lower listening volume.
  3. drm870
    I had the RE-400's up until recently. I can confirm that bumping up the bass with PowerAmp on my Galaxy S3 works as well! [​IMG] 

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