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Hifiman HE1000-SE

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ufospls2, Aug 10, 2018.
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  1. Hifiearspeakers
    No problem. It’s all good. Cheers!
  2. franz12
    Of course not mate. I just wanted to point out that it does not make sense to say that I paid $3000 for an IPhone XS as I bought IPhone 4,5,6,7.
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  3. Gibson59

    Increase profit = good business = capitalism = welcome to America.

    This would be a sad sad world if businesses weren’t striving for profit and thus weren’t innovating. Yeah let’s just halt all production of new products so that some people can feel that they have the best thing around. How on the face of the earth does that make any sense??? Man I sure wish I still had my 3rd generation iPhone... Even though it couldn’t do half of what my iPhoneX does and totally reduce my productivity and enjoyment, at least I wouldn’t have had to spend that extra money for the upgrade.

    “Not to feel left out”... I hope people aren’t spending beyond their means simply so they don’t feel left out. It’s not like the HEKv2 is trash! Save up some money, wait till HEKse prices fall and voila you get your upgrade at a lesser cost.

    The leasing argument is interesting. There is that element I suppose if you commit to always upgrading at the first opportunity, however assuming you pay in full then no it’s not a lease. You’re more than welcome to keep the headphone until your own GAS demons get the best of you lol. Hifiman doesn’t own your headphone, you do.

    Great examples!

    Maybe we should just ask companies to start innovating on a pro bono basis. I mean, why should they have to make any money, pay their employees etc? That would really motivate people lol.
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
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  4. Gibson59
    For the record, @eee1111 I mean no disrespect by any of my comments and even though I may quote specific people, my thoughts are really in response to the points they’re making and are not a direct attack on them if that makes sense. I hope they’re not taken like that even though I may be rather enthusiastic in my opinion here. I totally acknowledge there are two sides to every argument and I don’t venture to believe I’ll sway anyone. I actually think this is a very interesting business issue to address.

    Just wanted to mention all this because it’s too easy for things to get heated around here and I don’t want to derail this great thread! As long as we’re enjoying what’s being played in our ears it’s a good day for all of us :)
    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
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  5. sahmen
    To those who have got the He1000SE upgrade : when RMA'ing your old V1 or V2 unit back to Hifiman for the upgrade, do you include the old He-1000 case or do you just send the Headphone and cables, without the case?
  6. mungster
    Just the headphones and cables only! Don't send in the case.
  7. mungster
    Once they recieved your hekv2. They usually ship your upgrade the same day and you should get the hekse in 2-3 days. Total time about 1 week for me to send in my headphone and get the hekse
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  8. sahmen
  9. thecrow
    Their website says that you can keep the earcups

    Are the v2 and se earcups the same size/interchangeable?
  10. Gibson59
    That’s cool, I didn’t notice that. I believe they are the same. Darn I missed out!
  11. chimney189
    Does anyone have a frequency response of the SE?
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  12. Hifiearspeakers
    I’d like to see that as well. I bet it looks closer to the Susvara now.
  13. chimney189
    Have people really experienced a shouty nature to the v2 treble? Maybe it's my system that I'm using, but I seriously have never heard of such a smooth treble. This is one of very few headphones that I know I can bump up the volume without any annoyance.
  14. Hifiearspeakers
    It’s definitely there. It’s not Beyerdynamic or Sennheiser 800 bad, but it’s noticeable. The SE treble is much better behaved.
  15. franz12
    After about 50 hours of burn-in, it is starting to sound amazing, at least with well-recorded track. I am listening to Diana Krall's Live in Paris. I have to say I am amazed at a sense of realism I can feel. Songs from the live album were never felt live like this. Stunning articulation...
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