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HifiMAN HE-500 Closed mod (alternative re-grills mod)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tl13m, Apr 6, 2014.
  1. tl13m
    Inspired by LCD-XC, I've came up with this mod
    Closed mod vs. re-grills mod or removed stock grills completely:
    - The sound stage of this mod get closer/ smaller.
    - Big improvement in sound clarity & details reveal, event removed grills sound veil compare to this mod.
    My previous re-grills mod
    - It's not completely closed as it must have Vent slots or the Bass will significant missing.
    - As the vents slots might let dust get inside, I used fabric to block dust.
  2. syNRG
    More production pics? :O
  3. tl13m
    You means step by step pics?
  4. tl13m
    Still not happy with the previous closed mods as was not completely closed (due to air vent slot) and the white foam, I have come up with another mods. This time black foam and fake leather were used
    HE500Leathermod.jpg HE500Leathermod-pair.jpg
    It's more thick than the white foam mod so it will provide enough air for the drivers. YES, it's completely closed.
    Sound impression across three mods:
    - No grills vs. Re grills mods with PC fan dust filter (plastic): the sounds are the same.
    - White foam vs No grills: big improvement in sound quality, however the sound stage get smaller.
    - Black foam vs No grills: between white foam and no grills/ re grills. The sound quality is slightly improve, the sound stage also slightly smaller. However, it's completely silence when combine with Audeze earpads. Now I can enjoy my musics/ movies  at desire volume at night without disturb my wife. [​IMG] 
  5. tl13m
    01 Foam sheet 3mm (in my country cost almost 0.5 USD)
    Double side adhesive tap
    Thin tap
    HE stock grill
    How to do it:
    Step 1: draw 04 strips and 04 circles on the foam sheet
        - 02 strips to make inner rings: 25.5 cm x 2.5 cm
        - 02 strips to make outer rings: 27.2 cm x 2.2 cm
        - 04 circles: use HE stock grill to draw it
    HE500-Foamstrip.jpg HE500-Foamsheet.jpg
    Step 2: Inner & Outer ring
    Take the inner ring strip and cut off 0.7 cm x 0.7 cm both end so it can fit to cable connector
    Warp it inside the HE housing
    Use thin tap to secure it ring sharp. Then warp the outer ring strip around it and use tap to secure the outer ring sharp.
    Step 3: Shield
    Slightly trim off the circle foam so it can fit the inside the outer ring and above the inner ring
    A single circle foam would be a little thin to block noise ==> use adhesive tap to join 02 circles foams together.
    Step 4: the leather (optional)
    02 leather strip: 27.6 cm x 2.2 cm
    02 circles: remove whole set (inner ring + outer ring + double ring foam) out of the housing & draw circle (Use the left and right set to draw separately circle for match)
    Warp the leather strip around the outer ring (Note: slightly stretch it, use a small piece of double side tap to stick the leather strip to the outer ring)
    Place the circle leather above the foam circles and outer ring then sew the circles leather to the leather strip (Note: use a small piece of double side tap to stick the foam circle with leather circle)
    Plug it back to the housing [​IMG]
    - To secure it in the housing, take the inner ring out and use the double side adhesive tap to stick it to the housing.
    - Addition tweaking can be experiment: extra inner ring, use different felt inside to eliminate "wall effect" (if any).....
    - Changing leather...

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  6. Soundsgoodtome
    Whoa, now THAT is interesting!
  7. hemipowered007
    so fellas, i need someone to do this to the he4 and tell me what it does! i dont have time or patience currently!
  8. syNRG
    I think that the only guy that you can ask is the person who made it :wink:
    I personally don't own a pair of these and don't think that I would be brave enough to even attempt any sort of mod.
    If you ask nicely enough, maybe he would do it for you :D
  9. Z3ph3r
    Is it possible to do this with hifiman's dynamic versions, like the mass drop he 350? I don't have one yet but I will get one the next drop if this is possible.
  10. RenZixx
    So has anyone tried these on their HE4 or HE400i?

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