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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. WhiskeyJacks
    I just wanted to send an apology to first the thread for my misinformation during my time with the Arya I had lent my brother my other two headphones to play around with because he is thinking about buying a headphone worth more than 30$ lol. Secondly I want to apologize to HIFIMAN and say thank you for all the help they offered and how quickly they offered that help it was really really cool of them. Basically I though the cable I received with the Arya was possibly labeled wrong with the left and right channel but then after getting a new balanced Dyson Audio Cable( really nice cable, talked with him a few weeks back and they explained what they would make the cable with for a custom more price friendly option) it was still doing the reverse channel. So, typically I prepared myself for the worse just in case and brought up that it may be my channels being reversed, which I am not sure how that would even happen now reflecting on it. Hifiman being really awesome instantly wrote to help me resolve this issue and make me a happy camper, while I was at work i told them I would send the necessary information afterwards. I got home and my brother had put bother my ZMF Ori's and Audio Research AR-H1 on my desk I then thought "Holy Second headphone attempt!, Batman." Once I tried the AR-H1 I realized it was not the Arya's cables, jack's, or driver's in anyways but rather the XLR interconnects, DAC 3 pin output, or amp 3 pin input issues.

    So to sum this long message up for those who don't feel like reading through my underslept and overworked madness: I am sorry head-fi and HifiMan it was not the Arya it was my other gear causing reverse channels.
  2. TeamHiFiMAN
    Dust should not be an issue, if they are kept in a dusty area however then gently blowing on the drivers should remove any. If you're worried about the issue then we would suggest when not in use store them in the box they came in. That way you can keep them immaculate.

    HiFiMAN Innovating the art of listening. Stay updated on HiFiMAN at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  3. Dobrescu George
    Okay, so I had Arya in my Dust disaster room for I think two weeks now. My room is literally filled to the neck in dust, and I've no idea why, I clean it and leave a window open almost at all times, but man, I do get dust easily.

    Anyways, I can't notice any dust on Arya itself, and and none on the driver, while something like my Speaker Amplifier does gather dust like a magnet. So Arya doesn't seem to mind my environment. I haven't put it away while not in usage, nor treated it especially, and I even took Arya on a walk today. Not one issue for me! :)

    Also, time for first impressions!

    - Okay, so the package for Arya is really nice. It doesn't come with much, but it has a nice box, and it sits really cozy in it.
    - The cable is nice, Full Copper, so it provides a nice warm touch to their midrange, I love the way they paint both male and female voices
    - The comfort!!! This is more comfortable than even the Empyrean, and even more comfy than HD800 for me! HD800 was a touch too loose, Arya is simply put, just right! I am in love with having them on my head
    - Although HIFIMAN quotes a weight of 400 grams for them, they feel like a feather on my head, can barely tell that I'm wearing them. Really nice job on the weight mencahsim.
    - The build quality is, as youy can see in the photo, pretty much flawless. This looks and feels like a flagship. It is as much of a technological wonder as it is a design one. I feel HIFIMAN doesn't emphasize at all how awesome this looks and feels in person
    - Sound is light, pretty bright, yet quite punchy, dynamic, and huge. Like, HD800 levels of huge, but with a better instrument definition, and in fact, it ain't just huge, it is fully open. Arya provides almost no passive noise isolation, the membrane inside is extremely thin, and that means that Arya will not isolate almost at all from the outside noise. This also makes their sound magically detailed, clear and wide. So much width and depth to the soundstage, it is insane.
    - I am using Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ to drive Arya, and the only thing I can say is that I'm speechless at the level of detail and refinement they have. It ain't just the way they portray detail, it is the natural way they go about it. There's nothing out of place, instruments sound natural, most headphones have a kind of sound that indicates it is a headphone, but Arya simply doesn't, you hear things as you'd in an open space. This is the best way to describe them, they simply feel like you're not wearing them, the way they are designed, being so open, they are a bit like a mini Jade II, really open, but with more bass.
    - Oh yes, the bass can go low and punch deep. They aren't the most punchy out there, but they are incredibly dynamic and musical, even something that I don't usually enjoy like country sounds like the sweetest music of heavens to my ears. Arya is also one of the best headphones for gaming ever created, Soundtracks, or playing some shooters, even some Starcraft II, or some visual Novels, I'm in heaven, both because they are so darn comfortable, and also because they are so natural, airy and open. I'm simply in love with the overall feeling.
    - Arya sounds best at all volumes, sounds nice at really low volumes late at night, sounds nice at mid volumes, but can also unleash some fury if you blast them at loud volumes.
    - If I had any complaints about them, I think those would be about the stock cable, it is thick and not very flexible, I'd have prefered them to come with either Sundara cables, or HE6SE cables, but that may be a personal preference.
    - Another really minor compaint is that they are advertised as being hard to drive, but they really aren't, they are easier to drive than LCD-2C, Kennerton Thror, just a bit harder than Sundara.
    - The sound of Arya, is really what you would want if you were coming from high-end flagship speakers. Arya sounds like speakers that cost over 10.000 USD, actually tested by me... So yep, there you have it.
    - For a really comfortable headphone, with a light sound, Arya does better than HD800S at being comfortable, open and airy, has better instrument separation, has better instrument definition, HD800S can be a bit vague, also Arya doesn't have any peaks or dips, it is one of the most natural and linear headphones I've heard. In fact, it makes both HE6SE, and Jade II sound a bit colored by direct comparison, HE6SE feels a bit more emotional, and also a bit more thick and punchy, although muuuuuch harder to drive, while Jade II feels a bit more midrange-forward when placing all of them side-by-side.
    - Arya sounds a bit similar to Crosszone CZ-1, but it is not as soft, nor as gentle, it is more natural overall.
    - The treble also reminds me what an "expensive" treble sounds like. The detail, the fine extensions, and all of those without being harsh nor sibilant, nor bothersome, man this is nice.
    - Overall, this is a great headphone, Very few complaints. Made for "natural" sound, not for bassheads necessarily, not for treble heads in particular, just for a natural, airy, open and clean sound.

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  4. Mkoll
    The soundstage and openness of these headphones is incredible. Might be the most open headphones I've ever heard.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2019
  5. webmi
    One might have to take a look at room acoustics first, before buying the Arya, thats how open they are :ksc75smile:

    Post #773
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  6. Jodet
    Cizek's were insanely great back in the day. What were they, $300 for the One's and $400 for the Two's? Just awesome speakers.
  7. Jodet
    Just ordered a pair of Arya's. So what's the consensus on tube vs solid state amps for these? I have one of each, a Quad tube amp and a Violectric V280.
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  8. Xinlisupreme
  9. Jodet
  10. Dobrescu George
    Absolutely, I like the soundstage better than both Empy and HD800S, more large than Empy, and more precise and separated than HD800S, pretty much the dream soundstage :)

    Oh yes, happily I think my room works well lol

    I preferred them off Solid Stage, really clear and crisp, although something that's really clean and clear in tubes should also compliment them well :)
  11. dan3952
    Focal Clears aren't warm, as you might expect from any headphone that has a metal driver. They have a lively upper midrange that had made me turn them down a lot to avoid singers shouting at me. Clears certainly don't have a dark signature. They have lots of detail, and probably more than the Anandas. There's texture in pianos and strings that I can't hear with any headphone that costs less than what the Clears cost. Bass extension is average, not super. All Audezes and probably the E2 are better at this. Clears have an average soundstage at best. My closed back Shure SRH1540's that are a third of the cost, have a wider sound stage, especially with the Dekoni sheepskin ear pads. That one is the only headphone I have right now, I had just sold the Clears.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
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  12. bagwell359
    The Ones were the first and bigger ones. I used to get them at 20% over cost which was like $239. I was responsible for several very unofficial modded versions. The best ones used SEAS tweeters in place of the stock peerless, and had better caps. Some of the bad ones I won't take credit for! There was nothing wrong with the woofs, cabinets, or bracing.

    Never messed with the 2's, mids were not clear enough, bass too shy.

    A friend of mine just finished a rebuild of his One's I got him in '78. Vifa tweeter, all new xover, the woofer in great shape (the usual issue with old ones). The tweeter is faster than the woof, so we build an iron stand that gets them off the floor (which they always hate) and get them pretty much time aligned. He's got a $100k sailboat from all the money he saved keeping the Cizek's, and not fussing around with audio....

    Maybe the LS35A's ;(78 or '79 debut), and first ProAc Tablettes ('81) had better mids, but before 1980, no two way Advent, KLH, AR, etc. could touch the Cizek's. In '77-'78 it was Cizek all the way. Go down to Best Buy, and try and find natural sound - even the cheapest ML's have a massive annoying treble boost. Cizek's were way ahead of their time.
  13. webmi
    For me, with the Arya, i can listen to tubes much more easily, then with the LCD-X. The Arya therefore, for me, pairs very well with tubes, i guess.
  14. nightdance
    I understand the Arya uses the 3.5 mm connectors, but are all the aftermarket cables with 3.5 mm connectors compatible with the Arya? I.E. can I use cables made for Z1R/Focal Clear etc. with the Arya? Thanks:)
  15. Dobrescu George
    Yes, you should be able to AFAIK :)
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