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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. Wifiman
    Nah I don't think it need any burn in, especially planars. But I think any cd player is powerful enough to vibrate the driver as long as u get loud enough, and that is what burn in does right?
  2. Bonddam
    Arya arriving tomorrow. Put them against HEkv2. If Arya proves too be good enough HEkv2 will go back. I’m into saving some coin.
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  3. Serge Bernamej
    We look forward to your impressions.
  4. Bonddam
    They need more power. I’ve tested with other headphones with higher sensitivity. More voltage maybe is more correct if I remember my pie chart.
  5. Stewardess2
    Any suggestions for Arya or He1000se as HE560 upgrade?
    I know both of them will have much less treble than 560, how much less would be the question.

    I don't want anything laid back, as I have the Aeon flow open for that.
    Neutral - slightly brighter than neutral would be preferred.
    I hear mixed reviews about the Arya, and can't decide whether the Arya qualifies as 'laid back' based on impressions here
  6. MidFiMoney
    I briefly heard the Aeon Flow while in Hong Kong. It had the white inserts installed. I agree that it sounded laid back. It also wasn't very engaging compared to the Arya but it wasn't a direct A/B comparison. In my experience, the Arya is not laid at all. The treble is very detailed and extended but it's just not "hyped" or elevated. It leans closer to neutral to me.
  7. chimney189
    I don't know why I responded with mentioning the SE with the DragonFly.. my bad! :p

    The DragonFly Red paired with my HEKv2 does sound hefty in the bass with more than enough detail in the treble. I would say that it rounds out any edges that the HEK might have as the DragonFly Red is considered to be somewhat of a warmer amp/dac. I think that the only thing that might be a downside is the depth of the soundstage, although I honestly have a hard time even describing the soundstage of the HEKv2 to begin with.
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  8. Wifiman
    Arya have overall better sq than 560, its faster and more dynamic, better extension at both end.
    I don't think 560 have more treble than Arya or HEK. IMO Arya have a touch more treble and brighter than 560, the 560 is warmer. Im wondering where u got that impression from?
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
  9. devilboy
    I don't think burn in is strictly the physical movement of the drivers. It's also the SIGNAL going through those drivers and through the wiring inside the headphone, solder, etc.
  10. ExplodingFist
    That honestly wouldn't make any sense. If the diaphragms stretch a bit with use, then that is a reasonable technical explanation for the requirement. Solder joints or wiring will not change with constant electric current going through them unless you're talking about high current levels that generate a significant amount of heat (which is damaging the cables or solder joints), which isn't something you'd see here.
  11. Wifiman
    Try connect to a stereo amp then. I use stereo amp to listen all my planars and they sounds excellent.
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  12. devilboy
    Yes, it does. Having been into high-end loudspeaker systems over 20 years I assure you that components and wire benefit from burn in. Conductors, capacitors, DACs, resistors, etc.
    Burn in is not only related to moving parts such as drivers.
  13. ExplodingFist
    I will say that capacitors to degrade over time, and impedance increases to wiring when heat is applied. If you want to call that burn-in, then sure. If any change occurred, that' would cause degradation, not 'improvement'.

    That said this sounds like one of those perception discussions versus measurable changes, and I'm not going to get into religious debates over electronics.

    The diaphragms in this class of Hifiman headphone have significant movement, so it's possible they get looser with age when the magnets move them. Magnet can also degrade a bit over time (especially N50 magnets), so that could change things as well.
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2019
  14. devilboy
    Agreed. This is an Arya thread, let's keep it that way. Lol.
  15. mixman
    Has anyone done a direct comparison between an HEK V2 and an Arya?
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