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HIFIMAN Arya - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Oct 5, 2018.
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  1. devilboy
    Not to derail this but one doesn't need to rock out to hear the creek. A change in position will do it...... But they are very comfortable to me. I understand the Arya is when more comfortable.
  2. mixman
    Definitely want to hear the comparison between Clear and Arya. I have Elex now, but looking for some Clear to compare. I am thinking about getting an HEX V2 but I am wondering is that just sideways move from a Clear and in order to improve on the sound would I have to go all the way to an Arya?
  3. kid vic
    The driver click due to excursion on bass heavy music was also a design feature that a lot of people hated. I think Focal made poor choices in designing the Utopia/Clear/Elear/Elegia a lot of us won't forgive.
  4. Mystic Traveller
    Greetings to All! :)
    How are Arya going as compared to HE-560 V3 if somebosy had a chance to compare them?
    Differences in sound stage, bass, mids, treble, clarity are noticeable?
    In other words, will they take me to the next level after 560s? using the latter with Schiit Lyr 2. Thank you!
  5. MidFiMoney
    So, I finally had some time with the Arya and the ADI-2 (still waiting for my Dyson interconnects to hook up the AAA 789).

    First impression are very good! The background is extremely black. In short, the ADI-2 is fast, detailed, dynamic, and dry. There appears to be no coloration and truly sounds reference to my ears. It actually makes my DX200 sound colored.

    I’m sure some will find the sound to be a bit boring but I think it pairs nicely with the Arya as it provides an accurate picture of what you’re listening to. Again, these are initial impressions. I’m using Tidal hifi and master tracks btw.
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  6. mixman
    Cool. The RME is pretty neutral sounding anyway. That's good. I have a THX AAA on the way. Who knows, I may not need it!

    Not sure if you answered before but how does the Ayra compare to the Elex?
  7. MidFiMoney
    I listened to both today and the above quote still holds true.
  8. Wifiman
    Just pulled the trigger on Arya. Should have them in few days. I got a brand new one for 1100USD so such a great deal and this is about as low as it can get. It was from a seller in China and i have the luck having a friend coming back from there.
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  9. MidFiMoney
    Congrats on getting such an awesome deal. I suspect the Arya will ruin you for other headphones, considering that it punches above it's weight class at MSRP. At the price you paid, it will be hard to justify ever paying retail for anything else haha.
  10. devilboy
    Found a brown box when I came home today, (I love those moments).

    The Clear/Arya showdown begins. IMG_20190212_004514026.jpg
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  11. Hifiearspeakers
    My money is on the Arya.
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  12. MidFiMoney
    I've got my popcorn ready!

    Based on my experience with the Elear and the Elex, I betting on the Arya as well. I do love my Elex, though!
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  13. kid vic
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  14. Wifiman
    Yeah sure it does. I wasnt planning to get any headphones as i already have he400i and he560 until i see the deal. I got all my Hifiman headphones well below MSRP so never buy them at MSRP as good deal wouldn't be hard to find.
  15. Serge Bernamej
    Got my ticket and place to attend to the Clear vs Arya event.
    Waiting for the impressions !

    (My personal experience = Clear has way less soundstage but more punch. Arya’s imaging is very special)
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