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Feb 6, 2011
Has anyone got experience communicating with Hifigo? I've contacted them several times with questions about products but not heard back. I know they have a good reputation, but their lack of responsiveness makes me reluctant to do business with them.
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I have an actual experience with hifigo and it covers with your experience. I ordered an Mmcx 2.5 cable with an 5 to 8 Days Shipment. It cost a few Dollar more and it is now close to 3 Weeks and i didn't receive my Cable. After i contact the Support they told me to be patient. When i pay extra money for faster Shipment i don't wanna hear " be patient". When i pay an extra Amount of money for faster Shipment and they can not fullfill the expected delivery Time i expect as a Minimum my money for the faster Shipment back or an discount for the next buy. I wouldn't care for a few days more but nearly 3 Weeks is a ridiculos Performance. I send a second Mail and got no answer.
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I have had a little satisfying experience with HifiGo.

A pair of iems are sent back from the customs now 4 - 5 times around. They kept on updating tracking numbers that in few days featured a 'returned to sender" I never saw before. They appearently did not know that before me, so I point them that and complain, they (said they) send back and every new tracking number resulted agsin "item is sent back" again. This repeated dome times. No spontaneous kind of explaination of the matter given, ever, before my complains.

At the end it all went allright, they solved the problem, I have had my iems.
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Back in September, I pre-ordered the Lotoo PAW S2 from HiFiGo. I was initially concerned about delivery times and fulfillment so I wrote to their support channel but wasn't expecting to hear anything back so soon. Amazingly, Helen from HiFiGo was super-responsive and had gotten back to me within the same day with answers I need and that put any concerns I had to rest.

Fast forward a month from pre-order date, I was kept informed by HiFiGo on shipping updates and details. About 12 days later, the PAW S2 was delivered in perfect working condition. If your priority, like mine, is all about competitive pricing with a straight to the point, committed and hassle-free experience, rest assured HiFiGo will more than deliver!

Thank you Helen and HiFiGo! Keep up the great work and stellar customer service!
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I ordered fiio btr5 2021 vers from Hifigo. Responsive and kind costumer service. Shipping was excellent. I got my order about a week which is a miracle(Turkey). And the package was in good condition.
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Has anyone got experience communicating with Hifigo? I've contacted them several times with questions about products but not heard back. I know they have a good reputation, but their lack of responsiveness makes me reluctant to do business with them.
I purchased a black + Gold set of the Z12's. I love them, they are very comfortable. More comfortable that Moondrop Kato for me.
Soundstage + tuning + overall delivery is very enjoyable, not harsh or fatiguing.
I would say that they are my favourite & most enjoyable IEM. I think that they look awesome too!

I also have purchased a **** balanced cable and communication & customer support proved to be excellent with HiFiGO!
I can recommend Hifi GO not just on the products but also their after sales service.

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I have purchased several items from HiFiGo and have always received good service. Communication was straightforward and effective on one occasion when a specific option was not available and on another occasion where there was a query about shipping.
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I ordered a HiBy R2 Saber from them. Helen sent me an email telling me the Saber was out of stock and offered to sent the original R2, plus a cable and the leather case. That's about $40 USD in value. I took her up on it and was a happy customer.
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I have ordered 2 items ( DAP Hiby R6 pro II wich is great and its deck to make it desktop useful, great also) and received both packages 10 days later without any issues. Hifigo services assisted me very quickely and seriously. So products and services were A+++++. Will buy again for sure.
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I just bought the Unique Melody NEXT from Hifigo. Top class service! It took 8 days in transit to get to the Essex coast here in the UK. The tracking service is first class, really comprehensive. I chose Priority postage, which included all customs and postal costs. Their communications were quick and responsive. No issues at all with my first purchase from this company. I am confident enough to shop with them in future. They do stock an amazing inventory of gear. Highly recommended!
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When you communicate with them, keep in mind that they are a Chinese Chi-Fi sales site. Highly possibly your communication is read by those whose native language is not Eng (like me). So keep your words simple. Don't use long sentences, and less clauses. Check your spam folder to make sure their emails are not blocked. If you have difficulties reaching them by email or website, try Aliexpress messaging system. They have a storefront there, which carries same merchandise (and more discount during promotion). If you use Aliexpress messaging system, do keep in mind that those conversations are definitely managed by their Chinese staff, who may need machine translator to understand you or get themselves understood. So I suggest you first do your own research, use communication as a last resort. Asking technical or sound question regarding gears here. Only save sales questions/issues with them.

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