HiBy RS2: dual card slots, Darwin R2R, FIR, NOS, MQA 8x--news and impressions thread
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I saw on Hiby’s Weibo page that they will be releasing a new RS series DAP, being announced on July 2. They said on Weibo:

“Return to the original, pure tone. This is probably the purist music player we have so far. It has no other functions you can think of.”

On the 2nd picture, if you zoom in, you can see the product name is RS2, so this appears to be the entry level DAP in the RS series, probably replacing the older R3Pro/R2 DAPs.

As they say that this is a pure music DAP with no other functions, that probably means no Android and no access to streaming Tidal or Qobuz.

I am very much looking forward to a compact, pure music dap that is an upgrade to the R3Pro.

Update: the RS2 has officially been launched. Press release can be found here: https://store.hiby.com/blogs/press/hiby-rs2-press

It may be preordered up to 5 September with early bird specials as shown here:

A collation of the RS2 launch slides:





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Linux-based HiByOS is pretty good at playing locally stored files. Though, no Android, no streaming. Unless they include that bare-bones and awful Tidal feature.
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I wonder if they'll keep the dimensions of the R3 - best part about the R3, imo. The size was matched exactly to the Chord Mojo. If the RS2 has dual MicroSD slots, I'd buy immediately! With HibyLink, these little HibyOS devices truely are the 'poor man's Poly'
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Linux or Android based?
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If this is replacing R3 and/or R2, this wouldn't be android, no.

Besides, imagine navigating an Android OS on a screen that small. Nightmare!
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After some Weibo research:

- 3.5 + 4.4 jack
- no streaming
- estimated price 500$?
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I like the look of this thing. I fancy a taste of that R2R that's been floating around... I assume that's what the 'Darwin' part means.
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Hiby is marketing the RS2 as pure sound. No Android, WiFi, no Bluetooth, no streaming.
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I'm getting interested in the RS2.
- R-2R DAC
- 4.4 + 3.5 + LO
- Compact form, which might be ideal for stacking with the Mojo
- 2 Micro SD slots
- Linux based Hiby OS
- No streaming and Bluetooth

I think it will cost 499$ or 549$.
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What are the advantages of adding a mojo to a R2R? can you explain please?
Probably none sonically but it's more compact than adding the DX240 or other bigger source.

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