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Hiby R8, Snapdragon 625, Android P, 4G

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Nayparm, Oct 23, 2019.
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  1. Nayparm


    images (1).jpeg
    The CPU chip of Hiby R8 is Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC. This is the most powerful CPU chip of all music players today. As for audio processing has not been officially announced. Through the sample products on display, there are fully balanced 4.4mm, single-ended 3.5mm ports. The specific information will be updated as soon as the company announced.

    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
  2. Nayparm
  3. atahanuz
    !! I am very hyped !! :):gs1000smile:

    Any links or more info about the R8?
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  4. Nayparm
    I'll add more as its released, i posted in the r6pro thread before but thought i'd create a thread.
  5. Nayparm
    Looks like 2 x 3.5mm and 2 x 4.4mm sockets? Separate Single Ended and Balanced line out maybe.
  6. kdphan
    this is interesting.
  7. tomaster
    I'm pretty sure Exynos 7872 from Fiio M11 is still faster than this SD625 but nice try Hiby.
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  8. newtophones07
    But no play store, so it's not really a great choice for Android use, and app account verification.

    On the R8;
    I have bought way too many Hiby devices that click on sample rate changes, click on amp start up, wifi noise, processor noise, high hiss levels with iems. But man on man I have been waiting for a DAP with a Sim card slot, that works (sorry Onkyo). This looks perfect. Man I hope they have fixed the noise issues, I want this to work!! Please, pretty please have the amp impedance set below 10ohms and properly shield the Bluetooth, wifi and especially the sim card.

  9. Arghavan
    The design looks like a mixture of AK SE100 (side buttons), LPGT (golden volume knob), Opus DAPs and Cayin N6II. But yeah the 4G connection looks interesting.
  10. musicday
  11. Shawnb
    Any idea of price?
  12. jmills8
    R6 and R6Pro both sounded mid fi.
  13. TheUnknow
    Better wait for R8 Pro ?
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  14. Jacob ISR
    one thing i love about the R6 Pro - Tonality Setting (Default, Monitor, Warm Sound, Tube Amp)... now the Tube Amp is simply amazing !! I use it on the 4.4 output with 20 Ohm impedance addapter with my Verum.
  15. Jacob ISR
    Hope that on the R8 those Tonality setting will be present.
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