Hi-Res Audio, DSD and placebo effect??

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by goyete, Nov 29, 2016.
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  1. bigshot
    If your musical tastes are general and are focused on current popular music and greatest hits, there's no need to buy physical media. But if you have broad interests and quite a bit of experience with music, streaming is limiting. I've got over 10,000 CDs, 10,000 LPs, 10,000 78s and almost that many DVDs and blu-rays. My iTunes library has a year and a half's worth of music in it and my media server is almost 100TB. My musical tastes run from classical and opera to jump blues and 50s rock n roll to old time country and bluegrass to 30s jazz and sweet bands to Cuban mambo and Columbian Cumbia to R&B and Soul to big band and modern jazz to tin pan alley and easy listening to novelty records, Hawaiian slack key guitar and freilech/klezmer, etc, etc, etc... and that's just music. My taste in movies is just as diverse. Streaming is fine for a "greatest hits" version of a lot of these genres, but I'm beyond that point now. The stuff I want to hear isn't on streaming, even iTunes and Spotify. That's why I have a library.

    71dB, if you have a big HD TV, opera on blu-ray is fantastic. In the DVD era there were great opera discs derived from TV like Great Performances, but blu-ray is a whole new thing. Opera houses around the world are recording their live performances and releasing them. I remember when there were just two video releases of Wagner's Ring, and now there are more than I can keep up with. It's the same with orchestral music, especially if you count DVDs with multichannel sound. In addition to classical and rock (which are both well represented on SACD), there's some great R&B/Soul blu-rays as well as jazz, ethnic music, etc. I really like being able to see the performers, and I often prefer live performances to the album versions. I used to participate in a multichannel recommendation thread in the Music forum, but I haven't been there since my banishment and return as the prodigal son of Head-Fi. I probably should resurrect that thread.

    What era of King Crimson do you like? Most people like the old art rock albums, but I really like the Adrian Belew era the best. I got most of the multichannel anniversary discs lately. Excellent mixes. If you like King Crimson, you would probably like the more experimental stuff by Frank Zappa. He crossed that classical line on occasion too.
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  2. 71 dB
    Those who think it's much cooler to buy physical discs than to stream. :L3000:

    80-90's were good times.
  3. 71 dB
    I have maybe 1,500 CDs/SACDs, 100 LPs (don't have a turntable thou), 400-500 DVDs (?) and 150-200 Blu-rays (?).
    Classical, techno/electronic, some rock, jazz, new age* and pop etc. I don't care about the genre if I find it interesting.

    * new age is the KING of background music. Improves well-being. Relaxing. Doesn't work on concentrated listening. There's other music for that.

    32" Sony HDTV. My apartment is rather small. Opera on Blu-ray is great, but watching a 3 hours opera isn't something I want to do every day, not even every week. My favorite opera composers are Handel, Rameau and Puccini.

    I love all King Crimson, but if I had to give away one era it would be Discipline / Beat / Three of a Perfect Pair. My favorite album is perhaps Lizard if I had to pick one. I haven't explored Frank Zappa.
  4. Whazzzup
    ahh sure it was 25$ cd and 30$ blue rays those were the days...
    ill go with right now and net fix and my music server any day.
  5. bigshot
    That is the era of King Crimson I like too... when Adrian Belew was in the band. You might want to pick up Kraftwerk's Catalogue on blu-ray. It has a spectacular multichannel mix. http://amzn.to/2zfdMbh A good example of Zappa in multichannel is Roxy the Movie. http://amzn.to/2zr5OwA You also would probably like Talking Heads Stop Making Sense http://amzn.to/2AbY2Uy All of these are brilliant, both from a musical and a technical standpoint. They're not typical pop music.

    I understand about the length of operas... I usually do it an act a night.

    If you work in the business you can write it off your taxes!
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  6. Whazzzup
    Saw the 3D tour, have the 3D album download, good album by Kraftwerk, even if you have minimum maximum album, the 3D effects are trippy.
  7. Whazzzup
    Joined the opera for a year, 50% of the time I had a snooze 2/3 through. Now ballet can keep me involved, orchestra sure...
  8. bigshot
    I love all of those! There are some fantastic ballet blu-rays. My all time favorite is Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet by the Royal Ballet http://amzn.to/2xQ0PB7 WOW!
  9. 71 dB
    The price of Blu-rays go down pretty fast. I try to pay about 10 € ($11) in average. Some Blu-rays such as music Blu-rays tend to stay pricy with is one reason I don't have so many of them. However, movies and television series can be pretty cheap if you wait half a year after the release date.

    What do you do when Netflix removes your favorites from their service? I don't trust streaming services.
  10. 71 dB
    Added to my Amazon wishlist. :L3000:

    I have never been into Kraftwerk, but Tangerine Dream is one of my top favorites.

    I have done that. I makes an opera feel even more of a marathon since it takes half a week to finish it!
  11. RRod
    Yeah, I hate the stuff that stays pricey even on the used markets; whatever happened to losing 1/2 your value off the lot‽
  12. bigshot
    Well, you can always pick up the VHS for a song!
  13. 71 dB
    Not only stays pricy, but may double the price after the item goes out of print!

    My VHS recorder has been at landfill for a decade...
  14. RRod
    My favorite example being the DVD-Audio versions of the full LotR soundtracks. Talk about a premium for a 5.1 mix!
  15. Caribou679
    What about the XRCD? From what I understood Japan recordings were considered like top-of-the-line. Is this only hype?
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