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HFI-780 vs Sony XB-700

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by whojimmy, Dec 1, 2012.
  1. WhoJimmy
    I'm currently in a dilemna on which one to buy. The HFI- 780 or the Sony XB-700. the 780's cost about $20 more or so, but it doesn't really matter. Which one in reality is better?
  2. eltocliousus
    The XB700s have risen in price by about 100% in the past months since they've become discontinued, they weren't considered the best for their price at the time and now being double in cost, I wouldn't even consider it. The 780s would be a better buy, or you can consider other headphones.
  3. fabio-fi
    Eltocliousus made a good point. Are you buying based only on price? what are you looking for in your headphones? 
  4. WhoJimmy
    Pretty much looking for a rich sound, nice bass. I mainly listen to Hip Hop/R&B. So XB700's out of the questions? And I've looked around and the 780's were pretty much the best overall.
  5. fabio-fi
    You can also look at other alternatives, like the M-Audio Q40. (they are a bit more bulky, home use recommended)
  6. WhoJimmy
    I looked at those earlier and many mentioned the Build Quality for those are subpar. And I'm not too gentle so..
  7. eltocliousus
    What about V-Moda M80s (on-ear) or DT-770 (250ohm)s?
  8. Roller
    Not only are the HFI-780 more refined than both XB700 and Q40, but they have excellent build quality as well.
  9. WhoJimmy
    The M80's were claimed to be very small, I'ma look at the DT-770's.
  10. fabio-fi
    In this case, the Ultrasone HFI would be alrite. 
  11. Roller
    "alrite"? Other than the GMP 8.35 D Maestro, there are little to no headphones with as good build quality as Ultrasones.
    And again, do keep in mind build quality and craftsmanship are two entirely different things.
  12. eltocliousus
  13. fabio-fi
    lol, do we have to be strict with orthography? 
    well, you guys get the point. [​IMG]
  14. Roller
    I'm sorry, it came out harsher than I wanted or was needed [​IMG]
    Bottomline is, they're built like a tank.
  15. fabio-fi
    Yep. My Pro750 are 2 years old, and they are like a rock. 

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