Hey guys... need some advice
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Mar 21, 2008
Hey everyone who reads this...

it would be great if you guys could help me get a new pair of headphones...

they have to be ~$100 canadian, and i want headphones not IEM's or on-ear style

i want to listen to music with them... but i may also need them for some live mixing

if you guys could give me any ideas... that would be great.. also if you could recommend anywhere to buy them
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Hey buddy, I own a pair of Westone UM2's, and I love them. I have heard incredible things about the cheaper Westone UM1's, you might want to look into getting a pair of those. Just a thought. Earphones Solutions is also a great site for reading reviews and the like. Best, Eric.
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Grado sr-60's. Never used them but thats what everyone around here seem to suggest...
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Grados are very open and colored. You probably don't want them for mixing. You should go for something designed for mixing like Sennheiser HD280 Pro, Sony V6, or Equation RP21. All are at or below $100 US. Don't now what they go for in Canada.
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Depends on what type of music you listen to. Grados are usually recomended for rock. I don't particularly care for them but they're pretty popular here. IMO the HD485 is a great all round starter headphone. It was my main headphone at work for about 2 years. Both it and the SR-60 are easy to drive. They're both going to be more fun to listen to than the closed cans I recommended before. Of those, the RP21 is probably the most fun to listen to. But if the only consideration is listening to music, and you have no reason for a closed can, buy an open can.
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I've never head the HD515. And their not talked about here. Look on Head Room (sponser's links to the right) and see what they say about them. They're pretty honest about assessments of what they sell.
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They do not, and they will work well with an ipod or laptop. There is also the allesandro MS-1, which is a modified Grado. It sounds more neutral, with a very transparent sound.
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Senn HD 280 Pros retail for about $129 Canadian. At least, that's what Bay Bloor Radio in Toronto sells them at.

Are you looking for open or closed cans? Because at this price range, the 280s will do you nice for closed. For open, yeah, give the Grados a try.

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