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Help! What should I do with my broken JH13 & JH16?

  1. xutantuo
    Hi everyone!
    I've encountered a problem I am not able to solve recently.
    I sold two pairs of JH products to two buyers recently and I was informed by the reshell company that they have problems with their drivers. One side of the JH13 has problem with its bass driver while one side of the JH16 has problem with its treble driver. Both me and the buyer agreed that the problems are hardly noticeable but UM said they do have problems from the FR chart. :frowning2: The reshell company (UM China) has opened one side of each phones which means one housing of each has been broken. It has been confirmed that the problem comes from the drivers.
    I contacted JH audio and they are not willing to repair their products with broken housings.
    I don't know what to do. Does anyone know where I can get the drivers for JH13 or JH16? I heard E5C is also designed by Jerry. Should I take the drivers from a pair of E5C?
    Also is it possible to combine these two headphones to make at least one good pair?
    Please help me and let me know what I should do.
    Thanks everyone!
  2. asdafaasda
    Hopefully the TF10x6 that you sold does not have any problems with the drivers, 6th week at UM Labs and 2-6 more to go!

    Have you asked UM to maybe substitute their drivers in place? It may sound a bit different, but at least it's not $1000 wasted.
  3. xutantuo
    The TF10×6 are fine trust me :) I guess my JH13 and JH16 have encountered water damage.
    I've asked UM but they don't have the original drivers. I think UM might be my last solution.
    Thanks for your advice! 
  4. aleen12
    i am one of the buyers,beijuness,help,help.
    anyone can help me ??????????
    just give me the original jh13 bass drivers............................please
  5. aleen12
    up up.thanks to xutantuo .He is a good man~!
    I tust ,with him ,the jh13 will be all right.
    but,Is there anyone can help me?If you have solution to handle this,please tell me .
    Thank you very much
  6. xutantuo

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