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Help! MMCX connector snapped off in new iem

  1. frielj
    I'm still not sure how I f*cked this up, but on receipt of my first Massdrop purchase (BGVP DMG iem) I elected to use a previously untried mmcx 4.4mm balanced (for Sony) cable I had in stock. Long story short, the mmcx connector snapped inside one iem before I even heard a note.

    I tried to pull the broken end of the mmcx out (without destroying the iem) using a knife blade, jewellers screwdriver etc but no joy (the piece that is stuck is flush with the iem). Not sure how to explain in techincal terms, but the male bit is comfortably located in the female end of the iem,

    Short of sending the iem back to China, does anyone know of a method of removing the offending male piece from the iem orifice, or can otherwise advise me how to unspoil my Saturday :wink:

  2. rantng
    Needle-nose pliers maybe
  3. frielj
    Thanks, but there is nothing for pliers to grab hold, I'm wondering if there is an opposite to a plier where you are able expand the bit that grips outwards enabling a grip and pull
  4. silverfishla
    Show us a photo please. need to see how it's broken off.
  5. davidcotton
    Take it into a local jewellers and see if they have any specialist equipment they can use?
  6. rantng
    Pictures would help, although I think I have a good idea of the problem. I imagine there’s not much space in between the broken off piece and the IEM connection. As @davidcotton said precision tools/instruments may be needed. A jeweler may not even charge you. With the proper instrument they’d probably have it out in seconds.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
  7. frielj
    You are spot on - there is no observable gap and no protrusion - I will take your advice and try a jewellers to see if they have a device which fits the bill. In the interim a large Scotch has done the trick
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  8. timb5881
    If it is a ring shape that is pushed in, think the other way. Not to grab it between the pliers or what ever, but try inserting something very tiny, like a jewelers needle nose, insert the pliers closed, then open them inside and try pulling it out.
  9. frielj
    Yes, that is exactly my challenge - thanks for the suggestion I will give that a bash, but no til tomorrow as one large whisky led to another :wink:
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  10. AudioDwebe
    Try supergluing a small nail head to the broken part to see if it'll pull out. use glue sparingly and place it on the nail head and see if you can get it to stick.
  11. frielj
    Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve still to try a jewellers tools option which hopefully is less risky than glue
  12. Mormonsloot
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
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