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Help me find my combination of phones & DAC/Amp under $200

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rgandblue, Nov 2, 2012.
  1. rgandblue
    Hi all,
    i'm new to this headphones world and just recently buy a SR80i, HD668B, and Topping D2 DAC/Amp.
    While its sound good but not really to my liking, i can't descript it because i don't really understand the terminology and my bad English :frowning2: but i'll try.
    What I don't like from combination of D2 with both phones is it's sibilance (?). SR80 also sounds a bit too bright (?) and bass a bit overwhelm by mids.
    i just post links from YouTube hopping anyone can give a advice based on music genre i like to listen.
  2. dlalfjf1234
    dac destroyer + bravo amp
    you can find it from ebay
    dac  destroyer is around 60 dollars, and bravo amp is around 55 dollars.
  3. MalVeauX
    Sounds like you don't like spiked or bright treble, you need headphones that are darker, or an amp that helps produce a darker sound.
    The Fiio E10 does this, it rolls off treble I find, so it's a darker amp than neutral. Happens to be a fantastic DAC/AMP so it would work well and be well under budget for you. Use it with your Grado & Superlux and you're good to go.
    Very best,
  4. rgandblue
    hello dlalfjr
    thx for your suggestion, i'll look for review about DAC/Amp you mention :)
  5. rgandblue

    hello :)
    thx for the advice, so its "dark" sound that i'm looking for my kind of music, though i still don't understand what "dark" means.
    I think E10 is worth to try to be paired with phones i have to sound the way i like it, thx again.
  6. MalVeauX
    Typically "dark" means the treble is rolled off, so it decays quickly and doesn't appear as loud (or bright). It's in contrast to something that is very spiked, or bright, like the Grado headphone where the treble is just piercing or very bright or very loud/apparent and it causes fatigue when you listen over time. Some very good headphones are unfortunately a little bright, so it's nice when you can pair them with relatively dark amplifiers to get a happy medium between the two, so the treble is tamed down a touch. Fiio E10 happens to be a relatively dark amp for that sort of purpose.
    Very best,

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