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help me convert my green day loving friend!!!

Discussion in 'Music' started by b0klau, Sep 10, 2010.
  1. b0klau
    so i recently became an audiophile (or wannabe audio buff). as anyone, i look out for my friends, and one of mine had stuck with the apple ibuds for a long time, and he seemed frustrated with them, but he never bothered to get a better pair of phones. so i let him try my m50s one day, and he was astounded by the sound quality. so right there and then, I suggested a bunch of sub $100 cans. just recently he ended up getting the srh440. so now that he got a decent pair of cans, im now trying to stop him from listening to green day which is imo, a disgrace to music in general. any tips on how to convert my friend into loving something else other than those mascara wearing freaks? of course this is his preference, but i just cant stand the fact that he talks bout green day every time we hang out.
  2. Calexico
    Let him listen to what he enjoys.  Feel free to introduce him to any music you think is good, but really, there are worse things you can be listening to than Green Day.
  3. logwed


    Read: Ke$ha
  4. daigo


    I agree, instead of forcing him to listen to music that you may think is good, offer to provide advice on gear that would improve his listening experience.  When that happens, he may be more willing to explore other types of music. 
  5. clickhere
    Green Day.  Hmm.. you wouldn't be judging the content of their music in an way simply because of their taste in clothing?
    I have absolutely no money right now, but I'm really pumped for this interview I have coming up so I will hopefully have enough to get myself an Asus Xonar ST!  (you may be wondering how this is relevant) Only to say that when I get it I will listen to the best musician ever (imho)!  Jon Hopkins.  So yah, just introduce him to stuff he's never heard of but honestly, why are you trying to "convert" him?
  6. winma

    Yeah, this. 
    Sooner or later he will explore new kinds of music. 
  7. Permagrin
    I remember when it was cool to listen to Green Day... I still actually listen to Dookie occasionally but any of their newer stuff (like the last 10 years or whatever) makes me sick to my stomach. But to each his own. [​IMG]
  8. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Don't trash your friend's music. That's no way to be a friend. Maybe give him a few discs from the Ramones or X. Tell him you thought he'd enjoy them. Maybe he will.
  9. chnsawBrutality
    Find out what he likes about Green Day, then find something better than that.  It shouldn't be too hard to find something better [​IMG]
  10. basementdweller
    I wouldn't bash his music......but I will say Sum 41's All Killer No Filler or Does This Look Infected got me away from Green Day back in the day.  Oh yeah, Blink 182.
  11. Satellite_6
    American Idiot!!!!!
  12. plonter
    green day don't sound bad at all imo.  it is true that they are not even a little bit sophisticated and the music is very simple and some patterns oftenly repeat themselves, but i like it for times i am in a punky mood.  
    by the way..some songs from dookie "basket case" and "when i come around" to name two,are considered classic and for sure in the best of the 90's songs.
  13. necropimp

    nimrod was the album that almost made my stop listening to green day all together... i still occasionally listen to pre-nimrod material but very rarely do i listen to anything from nimrod-present
  14. inego
    At least Green Day isn't Nickelback........
  15. Cianyx
    Whenever he talks about Green Day, make the situation as awkward as possible. Do not contribute to the conversation at all. If he ask any questions, answer a mere yes or no

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