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Help Me Buy Something! (sub-$350)

  1. eightbitpotion
    Okay guys and girls, I've been out of this stuff for a while (been busy with life). I am getting tired of my UE Triple.fis. They sound great, but I want something new that's fun, better bass and easier to put on and take off. I adore the clarity and soundstage of the triple fis, but don't like the lack of comfort and wonky look. I'm wanting some non-IEMs. I would love some higher end customs, but my price range doesn't allow it. I've also thought about a reshell, but it doesn't seem they change the sound that much (correct me if I'm wrong). Thanks a bunch for any help!!

    This leads me to my requirements...
    -Amp driven doesn't matter... I have amps
    -Clarity is mandatory, as muffled muddiness is my worst enemy
    -Strong bass, because my main genre is electronic... Followed by acoustic (see my problem?)
    -Not too big

    What am I avoiding?
    -Muddied sound quality
    -Absent soundstage
    -Harshness in the highs

    So with that said, these will be my MAIN headphones. I'll use them 15 hours a day from music to movies to games. I'm a PC gamer, and require great headphones to listen for spawners and footsteps. I'm also a night owl, so anything i watch...movies or TV will be utilizing these headphones. I also have really bad social anxirty, so when i go to any store i must have headphones.... It's the only thing that literally stops my anxiety. So as you can see, these will play a huge part in my life.

    I think it's important to list some past headphones, and to give my thoughts on them, as it may help someone suggest stuff to me. I could be wrong, but it's worth a shot!

    AKG K701s- I loved these. They had great soundstage and clarity, but I wished there were more bass for games and movies. Overall, these were some of my favorite headphones as far as SQ. They were really comfy outskde of the stupid headband pains.

    UE Triple.fi- These sound amazing, but they don't provide a very "fun" sound to me. Clarity is amazing, but they really dig into my ears after 10 hours or so. I use a Chris_himself cable with these on an I basso D2. I've also been working out lately, and they get whacky and shake out of position easily on me.

    Koss Portapros- I actually bought these for my cousin's bday, and tinkered around with recabling them with silver. They sound pretty good for the cost, but were too muddy and muffled. Fun sound, but just not hi-fi enough for me.

    Sennheiser HD595- These were fantastic, and it made me adore the senn signature! Clear, warm, and probably the most comfy pair I've ever owned! I can't think of anything bad about these except they were oh so huge!

    Those are the only ones I think are worth mentioning. My experience with the senns I've used makes me look at the current senn lineup; the Momentums are very sexy, and I have small ears, but have no way to test these. Any suggestions will be extremely helpful!

    PS. I know there's a guide for headphone suggestions on here, and it would probably help you guys out more, but I'm on my phone and this was just a lot easier.... Sorry if it isn't acceptable.
  2. lin0003
    Looks like the Sennheiser HD600 are a good choice for you since they have a slightly rolled off treble. For a more bassy option, maybe go for the HD650 which are around $350 used. 
  3. eightbitpotion
    Good call, but those are WAY too huge for portability. It'd be fine for taking to work or on a trip, but not for shopping and running on treadmills. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  4. lin0003
    If you are looking for a portable can, I take it you want it to be closed? 
  5. eightbitpotion
    Not really.  I suppose that saying I need them for social anxiety would leave that impression, but I'm okay with hearing others.  I had the STAX SR-001 on my list for a long time, and I never thought twice about them being open.
  6. lin0003
    Are you open to IEMs? 
  7. eightbitpotion
    I am.  I've always loved my triple.fis.  I really miss the bass of my dynamic headphones, so I suppose if I could get the best of both worlds, I would definitely give it serious consideration!
  8. Tman5293
    Check out the V-MODA M-100. Extremely portable, priced at $300, good strong bass without muddying the sound. Many people compare these to the Sennheiser Momentum and I've listened to both. I personally like the V-MODA's sound better. The bass has a harder impact which I like. Check them out. They seem like a good option for you.
  9. eightbitpotion
    I should also clarify that I can go significantly higher in the price-range if it is really worth it.  Usually in hi-fi, going from $400 price range to a $800 price range doesn't give you double the sound quality.  If anyone knows of anything that does, then I'm all..... ears.  -_-
  10. lin0003
    If you are lucky, you can get a used Rhapsodio RDB v1 for about $300. One just got sold at that price. 
  11. eightbitpotion
    I have been reading a LOT of reviews on the m-100.  It's generally considered the Momentum's rival, and so most of the "vs" threads are between the two.  I'm not going to lie, I really find them appealing, but throughout reading each review on them I couldn't help but recall the old DT880 vs the K701 threads, and have always voted clarity over bass even though I adore bass.  Should I reconsider my evaluation?  Are there any full-size headphones that I could compare the v-moda to?
  12. Tman5293

    I think you should reconsider. The thing about the V-MODA's, and I've had them long enough to know, is that there is no trade off between clarity and bass with them. They have a very solid bass punch but it does not bleed into the mids and the highs. I find them to be very clear headphones. I listen to a lot of different music styles and I find the M-100s to be very clear on everything from acoustic tracks to electronic music.

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