Help for a newbie to Sinatra
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So I am interested in getting into Sinatra, but I have no idea where to begin. Anyone have any recommendations?

I'm new to Sinatra too and found this collection enjoyable:

"Romance Songs from the Heart" EMI (Capitol, 2007)

Singles recorded from 51 to 61. Interesting + helpful liner notes. I love it. It should be easy to find. One copy was in my local library.

I know your question relates to his music but if you want a look at the early cinematic Sinatra, you could do worse than "Step Lively" 1941, Warner Home Video. It's a light musical with Sinatra as a writer (and singer) in a crazy hotel setting. If you get tired of the story you could always feast your eyes on Gloria De Haven, the female lead and a knock out.

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There are several good single CD compilations of Sinatra at varying stages of his long recording career. However, I would actually recommend that you start with two or three main albums rather than a compilation.

In the 1950s Sinatra recorded several "theme" albums on Capitol Records. I'll recommend two (both arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle):

[size=small]Songs For Swingin' Lovers[/size]


This album is filled with great uptempo swing numbers.

[size=small]Frank Sinatra Sings for Only the Lonely[/size]


This is an album of torch songs, or to use Sinatra's own words "cry in your beer songs."

And I will also recommend an album or two that Sinatra cut in the 1960s on Reprise (a record label he formed):

[size=small]Sinatra-Basie: An Historic Musical First[/size]


This would be the first of two albums that would pair Sinatra with Count Basie.

[size=small]Sinatra and Swingin' Brass[/size]


This is arranged and conducted by Neal Hefti, and his sound is quite different from Nelson Riddle.

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Several come to mind

Yes, Songs for Swingin Lovers, for sure.
Come Fly with Me!
Come Dance with Me!
In the Wee Small Hours

And as for compilations, get this one for sure...

Nothing But the Best, a remixed collection of his best tracks, released by the family last year.

Also, the 3-CD collection of his best at Capitol tunes, and finally, Live at the Sands with Count Basie, a great concert CD.

I have more than 300 Sinatra tracks, a major fan.

Also, for a single track, get the live version of The Lady is a Tramp. It's got the most "knocked out, cuckoo" presentation of his live stuff. It's on the Sinatra Reprise (The Very Good Years). The Chairman at his swingin' best.

By all means, stay away from his version of Mrs. Robinson, unless you want to laugh for the camp value. The main was truly America's greatest male singer (and I am not alone believing that), but his covers of pop music in the 70s and 80s are downright silly, but again, have some camp value.
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If you want to try a little of his Reprise recordings, I suggest Everything Happens to Me.
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thanks for the suggestions so far. i guess what i mean when i am a newbie...i mean i am a hardcore in only have heard a few songs. i'm not familiar at all with the different recording i'm not sure what the difference is from his reprise recordings or his capitol recordings and what not. i'm thinking i'll probably start with songs for swingin lovers and in the wee small hours, is that a pretty good bet? thanks for all the feedback so far, appreciate it
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X2. The remixes are awesome, since I also had the original releases of many of the songs.

Times two!

The last 2 I picked up are cleaner than most things being produced right now.

Frank Sinatra My Way (Deluxe Edition)-2009, being one of them.
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In agreement with:

In the Wee Small Hours
Songs for Swingin Lovers

both great intro albums.
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I would definitely go with a box set. IMO, The Capitol stuff from the 50s and 60s is the iconic Sinatra. When that stuff comes on, I want a bourbon and a smoke. Read the wiki page, it explains the different periods in his very long career.
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one of my favorite

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If you want to start off right there is one I highly recommend.

Sinatra Live at the Sands, His live act sounds better than the recorded stuff and you get to hear a few stories and some jokes.


Seriously, do this one first. It will make you a fan for life.

If you dont do this one first then your gonna take a ride Petey and Pauly!
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^ I tend to agree that you can't go wrong with this one (also it was nicely remastered), although I would say this is from someone who certainly knows far less about Sinatra than olblueyez does.

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