Hello Todd im after Grado Flat Pads

Discussion in 'TTVJ Premier Sponsor Forum' started by rossored, Mar 14, 2004.
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  1. Jahn Contributor
    curse you head-fi, i havent even gotten my MS-1s yet (shipping tomorrow) and already i'm tempted to shell out 30 more bucks for these pads. you better come through for me, VWapped Rat shack pads!
  2. studentism
    I ordered these pads on Thursday and they arrived today, Saturday. They're everything I expected and more -- totally worth the full $30 dollars. Thanks for such great service, Todd.
  3. Jahn Contributor
    man, the disease has set in. As a member of Team Junkie, I just had to buy these pads. Let's hope the MS-1s are a good fit for em!
  4. Jahn Contributor
    Wow the flats are already here. Todd is the man - such a quick delivery! Easiest transaction I ever had - his pads came before even the Sik Imp that I ordered straight from the company store much earlier (in fact, still waiting)

    The pads rule. Todd should change the description on his site for these pads to "Oops I Crapped My Pants."
  5. devouringone3
    Lol, I hope I'm going to like such a silly and foamy purchase as much as you guys seem to like it.
    I sometimes I need the bass, even though I'm an high-pitched music lover (take any Touhou project song for instance..).
    I haven't even received my RS1 yet.. Jahn is right when saying "curse you Head-Fi", I spent 630 bucks here in two days.
  6. itza2mer
    Just received the Grado flat pads today. Believe it or not, I'm using them right now with my low budget Grado 60i's! Big improvement in the sound using the flat pads over the stock 'comfy' pads. Well worth the $35 plus shipping to 'upgrade' my phones!
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