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Headphoneus Supremus, Male, 28, from Canada

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    Jul 10, 1989 (Age: 28)
    Home Page:
    – Education, autarchy, freeganism
    – Healthy living
    – Music
    Headphone Inventory:
    In chronological order:
    – "Brand/Company" ± "SERIES" "MODEL-xxx" ± "(details --an edition, a special color, etc.-- if any)"; ± "status/sold/broke/repaired/condition"; ± "mod"; "type" if different than full sized circumaural; "review and miscellaneous notes"

    (Summer 2002, for my 13th birthday I spend my only and first 300 dollars on a Sony Walkman mini-disk player. I was already serious about how I wanted to listen to my music, an activity that I started doing at age 11)

    – 2x Sony MDR-E808; 1 "broken" (loss of one channel); earbud; both pairs given with a Sony mini-disc player

    – JVC HA-E53; clip-on; they are real "clip onto", unlike the Koss KSC75 which doesn't clip. Super comfortable and light, more than the KSC75.

    (Summer 2006)

    – Sony MDR-EX81LP; returned; hook IEM; hook was too small/tight for my ear and it would constantly pull the headphone out of my ear

    – Sennheiser CX 300 (Foster 382326); IEM

    – Creative EP-630 (Foster 382326); lost; IEM; very much the same OEM IEM as CX 300, included with my laptop

    – Sennheiser CX 500 G4ME (Foster 382326 derived); IEM; like CX 300 but with more bass

    – Razer Carcharias; gaming headset; great value and comfort

    (Enter, September 2011)

    – Koss KSC75; headband (a must,; ear hook type

    – Direct Sound EX-29 (white special edition); hearing protection

    – Fostex T50RP; semi-open; cups dampened with

    – Blox M2C; earbud

    – Razer Pro|Tone m250 (Foster 388404); clip-on; very bad, no bass, strident highs, painful whenever you raise up the volume, weird timbre

    – Yurbuds Ironman Endure (white); hook earbud with silicon "enhancers"; bad, looks like an Apple earbud Chinese clone and probably is, with enhancers on the sound becomes ultra bad, so muffled you can't even hear the cymbals or understand the words anymore, and fit is problematic, though ear hook fits nicely and holds well. Sound, fit and comfort are all better without the enhancers, which are a gimmick

    – KODA^2 MK II (T50RP mod, "König's Ortho Dynamic Acrylic Headphones" by Lokesen); closed; congested, can't do piano, incomplete project

    – Fostex Kotori 201 (>Creative Aurvana Live!>Denon-1000/1001; Foster 443741); non-isolating closed back; not as much clarity as a open headphone (a bit closed/“claustrophobic” sounding), doesn't gain much if anything from amplification, very comfortable and light, completely customizable color scheme:

    – TDK MT-300; IEM; amazing for 5 bucks, a must for walking next to cars, main driver to shut the outside world; dead for now, re-plugging required.

    – Phrodi POD-500; IEM; mindblowing for 20 bucks; MT-300's outlasting successor, with a sensible engineering elbowed strain relief.

    – STAX SR-L300L + SRM-353XBK; game changer

    – None; I live under a rock

    Buying list (headphones, DACs, Amps and other parts):
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Headphone amplifiers and digital to analog converters (DACs)

    In chronological order:
    – Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook DAC
    – ADL (Alpha Design Lab, Furutech) GT40 DAC and/or amp
    – Phasemation EPA-007

    – Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi HD (2011) (I haven't even opened its box; got the following item instead -->)
    – E-mu 0204 USB (2011) (no driverless functionality, limited to USB power, I wanted a 0404)
    – FiiO D3 DAC (2012) (sounded very bad even when compared to just my laptop's headphone jack, couldn't playback higher than 48 kHz when advertised 192 kHz / 24-bit; cheap price, cheap sound)
    Source Inventory:
    Audio storage that can play music

    In chronological order:
    – Panasonic Stereo Radio Cassette Player Panasonic RQ-SW33V
    – Sony Net MD Walkman MZ-N505S
    – Creative Zen Vision:M (30GB)
    – Dell Inspiron 1720 (160+320GB) + 1externalTB
    – Modchipped Xbox (250GB)
    – Samsung Galaxy S (16+64[microSD]GB)
    Cable Inventory:
    In chronological order:
    – Sennheiser 8 to 3.5 mm adapter (ad 092595 part)
    – Copartner A to B USB
    – Moon Audio Black Dragon 2 feet long adapter; Neutrik XX four pins XLR jack to Oyaide 3.5 mm plug
    – Joseph Grado Signature Ultra-Wide Bandwidth Reference Cable; RCA interconnects, 2 meters
    – Custom made Tasker C128 OFC Microphone Cable with Radioshack gold plugs; TRS extension cable
    Power-Related Components:
    – AKE 54 mm USB 3.0 active ExpressCard
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Chronological order:
    – JVC MX-K6 Compact Stereo System
    – Creative Labs GigaWorks T20w series II 2.0 computer speakers
    – Razer Mako 2.1 bi-amplified Multimedia Speaker System
    – Tokyoflash Kisai Escape C Bluetooth headset

    Other other audio equipment:
    – Yamaha ERG121C2 electric guitar
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    In chronological order:
    – Silenced Topre Realforce 87U keyboard
    – 2x Noiseless JSCO gaming mouse
    – Wireless (full lossless audio data bandwidth) desktop computer speakers set up: (GigaWorks T20w + Sound Blaster X-Fi Notebook)
    – Nanuk 930 headphone-rig carrying case
    – 120 Ohms adding impedance adapter, to lower the hiss noise with sensitive headphones (
    – 2x Wool snap-on headband (
    Music Preferences:
    – Video game chip tunes
    – Metal: progressive, instrumental, synth, industrial, death melodic, epic, power, technical, alternative, nu, neo-classical, experimental, symphonic, speed, groove, sludge, thrash
    – Touhou, doujin
    – Rock: progressive, instrumental, melodic, fusion
    – Punk: rock, ska, hardcore
    – Techno, electro
    – Pop: J-, K-
    – Modern video game, TV show and movie songs
    In chronological order:
    – Osiris D3 Skate shoes
    – Emulation and hacks (of old consoles and arcade video games)
    – Trikke T12
    – Mechanical keyboards
    – Chinese kitchen knives
    I have premature permanent hearing losses due to headphone high-volume music listening.

    Please use tools carefully.




    Dell Inspiron 1720 -> ADL GT40 -> Phasemation EPA-007; Fostex Kotori 201, T50RP mods
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