Hello, i am new and looking for IEM
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New Head-Fier
Aug 14, 2014
Budget: $120 USD
Source: Phone, Portable games on PSV
Requirements: can't find some of the brand here, Large international brand or Chinese brand if possible but i am unable to find the price of Chinese brand.
Past Headphones: Cheap Sennheiser cx-175, Creative AL! on PC + SBZ card
Preferred Music: Pure music, piano, violin, Muse's music. Don't like Dubstep like heavy bass music..
Prefer more at mid and treble
In this price range.. SE215/SE215SE, W1, UM1, Creative IE3, ATH-CKM500, UE600, JVC HA-FXT90 / HA-FXT90L2
Which is better? any other suggestion?
look like I can order from Amazon US, just need +$10 for international delivery
Thank You
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I didn't know you could order from amazon US for international shipping -- that would save a lot of people time and effort here over headfi! 
SE215's for sure, or if you want blue, get the SE215SE's. Or SE115m if you want a microphone (pretty much the same drivers, different housing)... 
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Thx for input.
I heard there are sound different between SE215 and SE215SPE , True?
I also heard Fxt90 and Fxt90L2 are 2 different item. L2 is more expensive and better(some said).. both are few years old and not as popluar as SE215... any more information pls?
I may think of FXT90/Hifiman RE400 if i can find one...
Can i have more suggestion pls?
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Yes, the 215SE has a ouch more bass and treble extension.

The differences between the FXT90s are purely aesthetic, no sound difference.

The RE400 is going to be more neutral than any if the other IEMs mentioned so far.
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I found the price of them in HKD($1USD = $7.8 HKD fixed):
RE400 $750 ($96)
JVC HA-FXT90 $650-700 (around $89)
JVC HA-FXT90L2 $800-900 unstable (around $108)
SE215 $770 ($97)
SE215 SPE $850  ($108)
Considering with the price and my style.. which one is more worth for the money?
Thank You
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order direct...they will mail to u.

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