Hello i am an old man from Sri Lanka

  1. scurvy76
    i 42 and love music and listening to music using headphones. Mostly into eighties music and also classical.
    Any similar old people here?
  2. Quasimodosbelfry
  3. Tinnitus Man
    I'm 50 and I listen to Taylor Swift.
  4. koover
    I'm 58 and listen to nothing but progressive metal and other like genres. So yeah, there's a LOT of us on here. Age is only a number my friend and you're only as old as your mind and spirit.
  5. Cruelhand Luke
    You aren't so old...especially for headfi, I get the impression the average age is closer to 50 than 20, it's not a bunch of young people on here...it's my birthday, I'm 49 today.
  6. Tinnitus Man
    I'm still waiting for the punch-line to this limerick. I can't begin to guess what it is....

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