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Hearing Safety and Ear Health Thread (a diary of a ear health noob)

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  1. TaobaoFocus
    Thanks for the great article! )
  2. ckaku
    Great thread, thank you for the info. Just wondering if getting into audio, do you guys get your hearing checked pretty regularly? Or just if you notice problems?
  3. Baycode
    Thanks and you're welcome.
    Its ideally to get checked once a year. But I doubt any of us do it like that....
    Personally I first went to doctor to get my ear checked (may be after 10 years) when I had tinnitus (in right ear) 3 years ago and the cause were a super small bug resting on my right eardrum! She carefully removed it and the buzz went away...
  4. Stars700
    safe listening:L3000:
    Baycode likes this.
  5. Baycode
    Thanks and welcome to headfi !

    Safe listening!
  6. Stars700
    :dt880smile:Thanks a million!
  7. Zhangmikoto
    Thanks a lot! That’s a really helpful article for me.
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