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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 22, 2001
Just curious how many Headroom Max's are out there?

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Just received my Maxed Out Home. Not the Max, I know, but OH MY GOD. This thing is blowing me away, without burn-in. I'm running DiMarzio interconnects to my 333ES with 600's. I'm in heaven. It blows the DOORS off the Cosmic Reference I started with. I will be returning the Cosmic tomorrow. It sounds WONDERFUL.

THIS is the reason I was drawn to this forum about a month ago. Thank you. I wanted BIG sound. Now I have it. I am hooked for life.

God is good.
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Another Max here (since 1998).
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You guys with Max's do you listen with the processor on. I've tried it with the processor on and on the bright setting. Maybe it's my imagination, but the bass seems to get slightly "boomy" Just wondering what everybody else is doing?

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My usual setting is with the processor on and the filter set to "bright" (the middle level).

What headphones are you using; I don't see any boominess.
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I've got a Max.

I use it with Sennheiser HD-600's (most), Etymotic ER-4S's (second most), and Sony MDR-V6/7506's.

Most of the time I use it with crossfeed on, and filter off. With mono recordings, I listen with crossfeed off. I also listen to it with the ground lifted.

It is an astonishingly good amplifier to my ears.
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Lextek, my original model Max definetly adds bass punch with the processor on. usually i think the bass boost is not objectionable to me but now days i tend to not like it unless i'm using it to watch DVDs. Overall the Max is a super amp and i would perfer to sell my liver than my Max.
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I just ordered my MOH because I never once used the battery source from my original Cosmic in 8 years. I will be using at work and didn't want the exotic face plate plus the price $1091.55 with reference module. I am returning my new Cosmic when it arrives too. I am using Etymotic ER-4S and 600's too.
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Originally posted by Peddler
I wonder how many 600 owners also have the ER4 headphones? Which do they prefer. I personally have the ER4's and I think they're wonderful.

I have both. I don't have a preference
Seriously, though, at different times I prefer one or the other. They are both amazing, especially with a Max.

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