Headphone Stand Giveaway
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Headphoneus Supremus
Nov 12, 2005
Steve gave me this headphone stand a while ago, but I won't need it much longer since I am having him design and build me a new stand, so I am going to pass this one along to somebody else.

To enter you must:

1) Post a picture of how you're storing/hanging your phones now.

2) Registered to the forums in April 2008 or earlier

3) Have at least 50 posts in discussion threads (not just postcount padding threads and such)

The contest will run until June 5th, 11:59PM Eastern time, at which point the winner will be determined by a random drawing.

The stand:

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Note sure when I joined, but I did have a prior account. Can't remember the name. If i'm valid, count me in.

[edit] photo to come soon
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AKG floor museum with a Japanese guest exhibit


Messy desk where yh-1 and floats roam

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Older pic, but the situation is the same (minus Hornet): not very convenient for sitting, I need a proper stand on my desk!

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I'm pretty embarassed. My 'situation' is shameful. While I won't put vanity above possibly getting some help. I'll post pics soon enough
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(. . . 'rubs crumbs and glue out of eyes) - 'Godda clean up work space.

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An "Alba" coat stand from Staples office supplies with the middle component of the stand removed to shorten it.

I really need - okay, I want-a desktop stand.

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I'm not from the USA, so I dunno if I can still enter, so...
Here is my pic, count me in if I'm eligible to enter.

My headphone stand is made of two cardboard cylinders obtained from the center of kitchen paper towel rolls and the base is a piece of tile. LOL


Count me in if I qualify for this giveaway!
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You really think more people would start making stands, theres deff a market for it.

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