Headphone rig cable upgrade orders
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Dec 22, 2019
Hi Guys,
I just got my rig and i love it since I came from DAP/IEM world.

Headphone: HD800s
Amp: THX AAA 789
DAC: Topping D70

Running in balanced XLR.

My question is if I want to upgrade cables which part should I start first to gain better/significant performance?

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Hi @billyleungkt / Billy,

Honestly, this will depend on your subjective & personal preference, can't really advise beyond that as it will also depend on your budget.
The main factor to consider is depends what you are trying to achieve as far as sound quality is concerned or do you feel you need to 'upgrade' just because...

But if you're looking for potential cable upgrades, I will suggest you look into an affordable headphone cable to start.
veclan.com comes to mind as this will be your closest source, they make some good affordable custom cables, I have a few of their older range for both IEMs & headphones which are pretty good overall...the only caveat I will say is I haven't tried their own branded copper cables...yet.

Otherwise, another source you can look into which I have used for other headphones are Hart Audio cables in the US, they use their own semi proprietary interconnect system which is actually quite impressive & custom options are available if you either don't like or don't see anything 'ready made' or don't want to use their interconnect system.
However, I suggest & recommend using their interconnect system as this is quite handy to use if you feel the need to swap devices &.or connections, eg use your DAP & or IEMs.

In terms of affordable interconnects, while both Hart Audio & veclan have interconnect options, if you can find a good pro audio shop in HK, they should have either off the shelf or custom cable options which are not only highly affordable but potentially really good in sound quality, just make sure any XLR cables you may choose are NOT for microphone use.
I suggest looking for Canare cables & Neutrik or Rean Connectors.

As a final note on interconnect cables, I suggest looking at Inakustik Premium Cables as a potential option though I do recommend you try pro audio cables first.

Feel free to ask more when necessary.

Hope you have a great day !

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