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Apr 10, 2007
So I have recently been thinking about having some headphone listening parties. I want to have something kinda like a meet but where the music is the focus, rather than the gear. Has anyone ever attempted this?

Does anyone have any strategies for ways of getting everyone listening to the same music at the same time?

I was thinking of having everyone who attends burn copies of their playlists and distribute them to the group. Or if we are listening with computers as sources we could all just stream off of each others iTunes.

I think this would be fun. What does head-fi think?
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If you are wanting to have multiple amps use the same source you can use a Niles ada-6. It has 6 buffered outputs. If you are wanting to have multiple headphones on the same amp you could build a switch box. I have done this before but I usually have my home rig and 2 pairs of headphones on at the same time on the same source.
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Or just go nuts! Take headphones with intergrated radio, take a iPod with FM transmitter and party!
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i was thinking about applying for a small grant to get an 8 channel headphone amp, and some grados or v6's for a more public listening party. but what head-fier would want to listen to that?

i am trying to find a solution to getting everyone listening to the same thing at the same time... maybe i could do an audio feed over the net... hmm... hmm!
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Ah, you mean dedicated Head-Fi streaming radio? That would be global. And awesome.
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Sounds like fun.

A Head-Fi meeting where the music itself is the focus, instead of the gear. One most probably need a couple of identical relative great sounding systems, and then take turns listening to them. Too many different rigs and the focus will fast shift to the difference between them.
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As a minor aside, when I was at a music festival back in June there was this dance floor where everyone was wearing wireless headphones (lets not get into SQ here
). The cool thing was that everyone was listening to the same song and having a great time, but it was completely silent from a bystander's POV.

Everyone looked like they were having a blast, your idea should work out too.
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It is odd for me to think of headphones in a social context!
I am almost always alone when listening to phones, and use speakers whenever I have guests.
"Headphone party"-what an interesting concept!
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i was just thinking about how amazing it would be to have a mobile listening party on something like a bus. like to email everyone a playlist the day of the party, then all catch the same bus and listen to tunes together.

omg im excited to make this happen!

anyone have any ideas?
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Last year there was an outdoor festival in Portland where one section was roped off for dancers with headphones just like Esco described, with a DJ spinning the music. It was free to get in to the section, but you had to sign in and they held your drivers license I think to hold while you danced. Once my wife and I warmed up to the idea, we jumped in and had a great time.

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