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Headphone Festival 2011 in Tokyo May 7th, 2011 PHOTOS (BANDWIDTH WARNING)

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  1. Thecoolguy
    Holy cow. Those Taket H2 headphones are huge.
  2. mlantinen
    Great post! Thanks so much....those '11 PS1000's look insane.  Is that a new type of earpad?  Looks awesome.  
    The new FIIO portable really caught my eye as well.  
    Need mo money.
  3. Twinster
    Very nice reporting and great photos! Thank you for this virtual Tokyo Show :D
  4. planx
    Dynamic Audio is AWESOME! wish they had those kind of places in canada :frowning2:
    Awesome pics and comments though! If one of those comes to Van anytime soon, ill be sure to check it out and do the same as you! Great job!
  5. WhiteCrow
    I became increasingly jealous as every picture loaded in....
  6. DigitalFreak
    Can anyone provide any more info about the Grado PS1000 for 2011. The chrome finish on those cans look incredible. Has the sound changed at all? When do they go on sale to the public?
  7. milosz
    Why did you have to report that ALO had the ATH-W5000 on sale for such a good price? I don't really need yet ANOTHER pair of 'phones.... but I could not resist! Another $700 gone forever!
    I always justify headphone purchases to myself by saying, 'Well I can always sell them and get most of my money back.'  YEAH RIGHT!  Like I ever sell anything I buy!  Especially if I like it! 
    I heard a pair of the ATH-1000's at the Chicago meet and liked them.  Then this month's Stereophile said some nice things about the ATH-W5000.... and then YOU have to go and tell me about ALO's nice pricing!
  8. yello131

    Wasn't the companie's name handling earosnics and Colorfly called Musica Acoustics? the website is http://musicaacoustics.jp/
    The guy in charge is Dimitri, a fairily popular seller here on Headfi.
    He is running a webshop for enlish speeking customres as well, I personaly ordered my radius and Ortofons so highly recommended..
    www.musicaAcoustics.com is the english site link for all those interested in Final Audio, Radius, Ortofons, Earsonics, Stax, JVC, AT Fisher Audio etc..
  9. RuiCanela
    Many thanks Mkubota1 ![​IMG] It's a pleasure to see this kind of post with lots of headphone gear! Special for me, living in a "headphone desert" like Portugal! Congratulations great post!
  10. GLdgShDjKsHT
    thank you !!
  11. Negakinu
    Excellent writeup! Photo's are great as well. Those new Earsonics look mighty good and a whole lot sturdier than their previous build. What's this thing? Looks really nice. Timelord Chordette? Never heard of it. Did you listen to it? 
  12. doof-ed
    "Cheers" for that
    :frowning2: so jealous! looks amazing!!!
    I (think i) want one of those Colorfuls! they look amazing!
    certainly something different

    yet another international product going by without coming down under :frowning2:
  13. PXSS
    Amazing photos!
    Psyched about some of the upcoming products!
    Bye-bye money...
  14. swbf2cheater
    Thanks for posting all the pictures and taking to the time to visit that show. Man, I would like to LIVE in that one audio shop :[
  15. DefQon
    I gotta admit (and from experience as well), there are quite some ugly phones and buds in those pictures, but majority sound really good :D
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