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Headphone Festival 2011 in Tokyo May 7th, 2011 PHOTOS (BANDWIDTH WARNING)

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  1. Butler


    The W5000's flaws are somewhat resolved with the F5005 mod, in my opinion. It's a mod you should check out.
    And if you're ever looking to get rid of that amp at a reasonable price, shoot me a message.
  2. vicjohn
    Nice info!!!! Thank a lot!
  3. Butler
    double post
  4. hi-fiber
    im turning emo here... [​IMG]
  5. visualguy


    I like the amp. It has too much gain for the W5000, but I like it a lot with the Beyer T1.
    I'm not into mods. I keep the W5000 mostly for its unique (albeit flawed) sound. I keep the LCD-2 for the same reason - they are flawed in a diametrically opposed way to the W5000.
  6. SolidVictory
    Fantastic pictures, really enjoying reading through this! Thank you for the great thread!
  7. Butler


    Sounds like you're a hard guy to please- I'd hate to be your significant other. [​IMG]
  8. JamesMcProgger
    From now on my goal in life is to move to Tokyo.
  9. smokyflames
    DANG GOOD MAN!!! XD im loving ur pics and feasting my eyes on all those headphones makes me wanna drool over those high end headphones. I like the part when the sennheiser section was completely blue, nice decor. Great post again^^
  10. Arksun
    Lovely pics, thanks! :)
  11. MikePio

    Well I would agree the W5000's do not have the weight and body of other headphones I tried and surely the HA5000 does not correct this, but what it does do is it accentuates that strengths of the W5000's which are detail, resolution and air that are already the hallmarks of this headphone. I have compared many amps in my experience, and looking around here on Head-Fi almost no amps match like the HA5000, but I am not sure what amps you are using, but I would be curious to know. Everyone has different ears but expecting the W5000's powered by the HA5000 to turn into a bass heavy, lush and full sounding headphone is impossible and in my opinion would take away from the special qualities the W5000's do possess. Anyway back to this amazing headphone meet! 
  12. krairoek
    very good review, awesome pic. thank a lot.
    May be my next trip will be Japan.
  13. bunit
    Wow this seems amazing...I hope to check this out one day and also props for including the extra pic of Dynamic Audio as a nice hi-fi shop to possibly visit when overseas
  14. Niyologist
    This is one of the reasons why I want to visit Tokyo. Their massive selection of Headphones/Earphones/Amps! [​IMG]
  15. Twinster

    I believed the Yamamoto HA-02 do pair very good with the Audio Technica headphones. Adding a bit of warm to the sound signature (based on reviews).
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