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Headphone burn in.

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  1. wgrish7

    200 hours or more
  2. wink
    I bid 300 hours........    [​IMG]
  3. VGoghs earfrmsc
    Hi, I once took possession of a pair of second hand akg 702, which the owner said had 100 hours of burn in. I'm no audiophile even now, but when I eagerly greeted the postman unwrapped the package and put the phones on, I was livid as I could easily hear distorted hi frequencies. I thought and hoped that this was down to a lack of burn in that they talk about on audio sites. So I left them on for 12 hours and when I checked later the distortion was gone. Obviously this was not a case of burn in, but I didn't realise at the time. It was months later when I learned that when you take delivery of new HP's you should put them in your airing cupboard so that they come up to room temperature. Being out in a van which is not heated and maybe coming from big depots and/or on cargo ships, planes etc, if they're imported, they are going to be cold and not perform at their best. This I believe accounts for SOME instances of alleged burn in, so how many of you guys have shared this experience?
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  4. rafo
    100 hrs here..
  5. wink
    This topic belongs in the Sound Science forum
  6. bigshoe83
    This is good info, never would have thought about that.
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  7. endgame
    I believe in burn in. I don’t think it makes huge differences but I notice small changes and they are always consistent with my ears. I think it’s more mechanical like drivers loosening up. But I consistently hear a small drop in treble and a small increase in bass over time with headphones. I have, however, never heard the opposite. To each their own.
  8. Monolaf
    What do you think of the burn-in apps? For example, there are "Moshi Burn-in Tool" or "Burn in Lab" or "JLab Audio Burn-in Tool"?
    Is it possible to worsen the headphones by burning in with "bad" frequencies?
    Unfortunately I can not order the "Ayre disc" as Ayre only delivers within the States.
  9. wuwhere Contributor
    It didn't sound good after.

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  10. wink
  11. serman005
    These almost like Portapros, with a few significant differences. I need a pair to add to my Hot Wheels collection!! Safety first!
  12. wink
  13. serman005
    There you go.
  14. wink
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  15. wuwhere Contributor
    I played Deep Purple's Burn too many times.

    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
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