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Cmoy? not a problem.
Jackangel you have same avatar as Magicthyse, may I know where you all get them ?
who is in the pic? she looks gorgeous
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right click the picture & save as. i stole it from Magic because she looks so beautiful. ask Magic - he probably knows. But every time i see Duncan's Jennifer Hewlett picture my mind actually stops - then i read Duncan's name and say a small curse under my breathe.
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...since you're planning to build a Cmoy amp and portability is a main factor, here are my suggestions:

Grado SR 225 – a lightweight open phone with great bass and somewhat pronounced treble (that can be tamed using flat earpads); very transparent and detailed; really great for pop/rock as well as electronica

Etymotic ER-4S – canalphones with super isolation, ultra-accurate transient response throughout the flat and extended frequency range; needs some time for accomodation regarding the strange in-the-ear feeling, both physically and psychoacoustically; no musical preferences

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Originally posted by wallijonn
since you're in lexington, i would think that there's plenty of hi end audio shops in your area. many of these will probably carry hi end headphones. they should be listed in the yellow pages (either audio, h-fi, or home entertainment).

Off topic, but is there any reason why you're using my avatar? It's confusing to see it...
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Magicthyse: Heheh, between you, Joe Bloggs, and wallijohn it was getting a bit confusing

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