Headband replacement for Hifiman HE 500 and HE 400

  1. OrangeTimer
    Hi all,

    I've finally gotten into the mood to replace the original, and rusting HE 500 and HE 400 headbands on my headphones. Now, not wanting to replacement with the same terrible headbands that came with the originals, could anyone recommend any alternative headbands that could work? I'm ready for some modding to make the replacements work :)

    I've researched the HE 400i replacement headbands, and I think that's probably the route I'll go if I can order some in (though some people are saying they're been denied a replacement headband). I think an alternative might also be the mrspeakers ether flow headbands, if they're the same size as the hifimans. If anyone has both of those headphones, I would love to confirm that suspicion.


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